2020 Retreat with the Founders

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 2 & 4 Week Adventure of a Lifetime…




  • Waterfall Trek with an Eco-friendly Picnic, Paddleboard through the Mangrove Forest, Kayak, See Islands and Snorkel, Field Trip with the Kids to Beach or River, Yoga Boat Trip on the River, Swimming at Greenhouse, Jungle Trek, Obstacle Course on the River, Also the option of a Spa Day or Arcade Day. 🙂
  • Eco-Building Project, Sustainable Development with Organic Farming, Learning to Craft Handmade Products, Plastic Bottle Brick Making,  Upcycling Glass, Village Outreach, Prepare Workshop for our Students, Khmer Cooking Classes, Attend a Wedding!
  • Culture! Royal Palace, Killing Fields, Museums, Angkor Watt, Bantaey Srey, Kulen Waterfall, Nightlife, Massages, Pool Time, and SO MUCH MORE!

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The Adventure of a Lifetime...

“Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.”
– Ellie Brister 23 Nathan Billingham 25 (3rd year volunteer)

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Spots are limited, and this is a once in a lifetime trip.

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