Wonders of Cambodia 2022

I Want to Make the World Better
Rock Climb, Snorkel, Kayak, Explore, Yoga, Relax
I Want to Meet People Who Change My Life
I Want to Be in Awe
I want to Experience New Cultures

White Sand Beaches, Waterfalls, Mangroves,
Angkor Watt, Rural Countryside & Elephants!

Make the World Better While Having the Time of Your Life!

Exploration & Adventure

See the world from A new Perspective.

Give & Connect

Adventure of Your Life Includes:

    • Explore Ancient Angkor Watt
    • Jungle Waterfall Adventure
    • Ruins in the Jungle
    • Volunteer with Elephants
    • Make Connections with People from All Over the World
    • Snorkeling, Swimming in Glowing Plankton, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding in the Gulf of Thailand
    • Eco-construction building projects- Build with recycled materials and cobb!
    • Creating Sustainable Solutions in our Village
    • Local and Night Markets
    • Organic Farming, harvesting, wildcraft production of health and wellness products for our social enterprise
    • Up-cycling, Recycled Art Projects, Crafts & Nature Adventures
    • Cultural Experiences in the Capital to Better Understand Cambodia
    • Rooftop Pools in Phnom Penh
    • Wellness Activities = Yoga, Meditation and Exercise
    • Healthy Meals – Khmer Cooking Class (optional)
    • Experience the World from a new perspective in a small village– Guaranteed it will change your life!
    • Relax on White Sand Beaches

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Three Meals per Day

from Landing to Take-Off

$3000 All Included

4 week Trips during

March, April, May & June 2022

Start dates: March 17, April 21 & May 26

Contact Rachel Riggio: TheRedRoadFoundation@gmail.com
#855 017 449 488 (Telegram)

“Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.”

– Ellie Brister 23 Nathan Billingham 25 (3rd year volunteer)

Make a Difference

Spots are limited, and this is a once in a lifetime trip. It´s time to change your life, forever

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