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By Rachel Riggio

The Power in Being Kind

This lovely little book contains -70- beautiful and inspiring affirmations that promote kindness. With a few simple tips on using these affirmations, your journey towards inner peace and happiness will begin.

Be Your Own Guide

Where Science & Spirituality Meet - The Law of Attraction and Affirmation Handbook

Learn how to find inner peace, fulfillment, and self-healing through self-awareness and enlightenment.

This is a guide to access your own inner guru through affirmation and self-discipline. Anyone can do it! We all have the capacity to live the lives of our dreams. 

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Enlightenment in a World Where We've Been Programmed to Self-Sabotage

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DecodingGenZ eBook Cover

Decoding Gen-Z Slang

Your Guide to Learning, Understanding, and Speaking the Gen-Z Vernacular

Gen-Z slang is everywhere!

There’s no point denying it. It’s not like Klingon, either. You can’t ignore it into oblivion. It’s here to stay (and evolve).

Pop culture, digital marketing, movies, TV shows, books, and the entire internet, in general, is affected by this evolved diction. Words that previously had no meaning, words like yeet and okurr, are now not only being recognized by and large by a whole demographic, but are also being used as part of their daily vocabulary.

Myths eBook Cover SMALL

Debunking the Myths of Mindfulness, Meditation, Positive Affirmations, & Yoga

In this book, you will learn all about what these beneficial practices are and the specific techniques used in each practice. You will also read about the beautiful ways each exercise can benefit those struggling with mental health issues.

For example, yoga and meditation are both ancient practices that can help you reach a peaceful state of heightened awareness. In addition, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help those struggling with racing thoughts, generalized anxiety disorders, depression, and more.

Cryptocurrency: Not Your Keys, Not Your Wallet

Understanding and Protecting Your Wallets 101 - Crypto Trading & Investing for Beginners

Cryptocurrency Wallet 101: Knowing More to Safeguard Your Assets

Scared of losing your cryptocurrencies? 

Interested in protecting your wallets against hacking attacks? 

This book is an exposition on cryptocurrency wallets. It is a basic but deeper unearthing of information that every aspiring cryptocurrency trader or investor wants to know.

Save Money & Skip the Meal Subscription Services

Your Guide to Digital Alternatives of Meal Kit Delivery: Reduce Waste and Save Time, including a 7-Day Meal Plan to Lose Weight

“What’s for dinner?” The question everyone asks, but no one wants to hear. There has got to be an easier way!

Well, there is. Have a kit delivered to your door like clockwork containing all the ingredients necessary to cook a preselected delicious-looking meal, all from home on your phone or computer? Uhmm, YES PLEASE!

But, if something seems too good to be true…

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