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Accepting Volunteers

We are recruiting teachers to assist in our language classes & free community workshops in: leadership coaching, science, art, music, environmental science, health, hygiene, nutrition, sports, and more.

Phoenix Project

The mission of our first endeavor is to facilitate education to Cambodian youth by providing necessary resources, health care, and skills. Fostering future humanitarian leaders of our world.

Be The Change

We’ve traveled across the world to aid a youthful generation that has come through genocide by empowering it’s survivors with free education to build healthy and sustainably organized communities. Tax Free EIN Id and Tax number: 46-2638971


We encourage our volunteers to utilize their unique skills and creativity to teach. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead

About The Red Road Foundation

We are a free education center that is working our way to self-sustainability. We work to give our students opportunity to grow into future humanitarians of Cambodia who can help to make this beautiful country and world a better place. We offer free Khmer, math and English classes regularly. We have volunteers and workshops that add trade skill training, extracurricular activities, hygiene and environmental education and awareness for our youth.

Our goal is to raise the quality of life of our students and their families. We aim to truly help and get to know each of our students and help them become all they can be by helping them develop each of their individual talents. We do this knowing of the trauma that this country has recently endured and wanting to be a force for healing and empowerment for the poor rural families in our village and surrounding villages.

We have future plans of microfinancing, small loans and fundraising efforts that are dedicated to our highest achieving students receiving higher education and small business loans for philanthropic and environmental causes.

Our school and other buildings on our property are built from recycled materials and the sustainability aspect of this project is very important to us. We will further develop our project with teaching locals about building with waste materials and spreading awareness about the importance of disposing of waste properly and reusing, refusing, recycling and reducing plastic.

Our school is built on a farm that is growing moringa, turmeric, aloe vera, eucalyptus and lemongrass that we are using to develop a health, wellness and beauty line that will eventually fund our projects and teacher salaries. We are also developing our sustainability through up-cyling and recycling glass bottles from town (which are currently headed to the landfill or in the river). We are cutting the glass with our solar powered glass cutting machines in order to make and sell drinking glasses, ash trays and lamp shades.

Our ultimate goal is for all parties associated with our project is for them to be mutually beneficial. We believe everyone has something special to offer our world and we established a place where individuals from all walks of life to come, better themselves and better the world around them. By creating a free education center in rural Cambodia, our focus is on educating the impoverished youth, raising social, economic & environmental awareness, and empowering our students to create a better world.


 Rachel Riggio

Rachel Riggio

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

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 Garrett Riggio

Garrett Riggio

Co-Founder, CMO, CFO

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Yorn Sreypov

Yorn Sreypov

Educational Director & English Teacher

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Hong Da

Hong Da

Project Manager

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