Women will heal this world – Divine Feminine

I’ve been going down many rabbit holes in my life, some that encompass all the light of beauty and creation/some of the pure evil by the 1% who rule the material world. I hold the space to investigate both. Enter Divine Feminine.

Through this time of pausing, being pushed to our limits- being forced to take each day as it comes- I know this-WOMEN WILL HEAL THIS WORLD.

We are fierce warriors that have the courage to feel the pain of others, the compassion to act on behalf of those who are hurting, and are fed truth through our intuitions.

We were born into a societal world ruled by sick people who want us sick, insecure, quiet, and dumb. They oppress us every day- In more ways than we can ever count because it infiltrates our system at every level.

What’s going on in our world today is astounding. Yet, we cannot lose perspective because we are the hope for the future. The light, love, beauty, and creation of this world will prevail through the US.

Through believing it, seeing it, and living it, we evoke our powers and the power of Divine energy that runs through all life. Through every word we speak, every dollar we spend, all the energy we put into all aspects of our lives-I challenge all of us to be forces of pure light in this world.

It’s not the time to sit back and wait to see how things unravel… Or suck at the teet of being an insecure victim.

Horrendous crimes against humanity are just beneath the surface of where we stand. Yet, we are all strong, and together we are unstoppable. Please do not underestimate the strength of one person, do not underestimate the strength of us together.

We are at the dawn of a great awakening, and I challenge all of my sisters to stand up and do what we were put on this earth to do–Heal and Love.

I dare each and every one of us to fearlessly love ourselves, not waste a second of time worrying about who’s someone else wants us to be.

Now is the time to act with integrity in every one of our actions. I bet everything I have on us. And I’m proud to stand with you. ❤️


P.S. Divine Feminine is my new book currently in production! Coming soon. Go to Book Page.

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