Join Our Efforts!

Our sustainable community development project is offering accommodations in Kampot, Cambodia. We give access to food, water, solar electricity, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach at our Earthship school. We are looking for people who are passionate about helping children pursue their dreams. We will empower them, mentor them, and become a positive force in their families and Cambodia.                                                                                .

We will also educate the children on a variety of curriculum including: vocational skills, trade skill, environmental awareness, hygiene, general education, current global information, as well opportunities and risks that affect them directly in Cambodia. (i.e. awareness/prevention of sex trafficking and community service). This is an opportunity to spend some time in a place that could help adjust one’s perspective on life by realigning with people who find the joys in a simple way of life. 

We also offer internships for college credit, giving you access to working with experts and mentors from around the world.

Activities and Housing

We have three rooms available in our bamboo hut on stilts. We get to spend time sitting around fires with rural residents soaking in their humble culture. We learn to cook Khmer food with the local women, hike around the mountains, teach the children games, play instruments, and practice volleyball, a Cambodian favorite, in the village. This is an amazing opportunity to completely submerge yourself in rural Cambodian culture.                      .

Come build something that will help heal our world and in turn, maybe heal parts of yourself that have been overshadowed in the common fast-paced society of the Western World. We are located on the outskirts of the Kampot Province. Transport advice and any other questions are always welcomed, just send inquiries to or on Facebook.

A very special thanks goes to Iris Smith and Marla Paxton, who both financially contributed immensely to The Red Road Foundation. Thank you for believing in us, and thank you for helping to make the world a better place!