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Internships that focus on Leadership Skills, Personal Development, Hands-on Experience, Service Learning and Ecologically-Minded Sustainable Enterprise

Self-Paced Remote Internship

Join us for a one-of-a-kind virtual leadership internship! We offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring with our entrepreneurial founders. Experience our customized leadership curriculum tailored to you professionally and personally.

Our internship provides hands-on experience that will make you grow into an influential leader that can empower teams. If you are willing to do the self-work required to become a leader who influences our world, sign up here! 

Our Current Project:

ECO Village Construction & Internship Project

Mission: To build an Eco-Village that will support sustainability of our free education center through hosting retreats. It will serve as a model for ecological techniques in construction and will be used for marketing. Through the project, we will provide the training of Khmer interns to establish a green construction group. We will promote the use green technologies and eco building in Cambodia through our project.

Global Mission:

 To offset carbon footprint in Cambodia and globally, by reducing waste generated by traditional construction methods and promoting use of locally available natural and recycled materials in construction, our ambition is to contribute to increasing awareness about sustainable building alternatives by educating disadvantaged children and youth in rural area of Cambodia. We will provide them with decent employment opportunities in a value-added sector.


More specifically, the output of the proposed project is a model eco-village constructed from natural and recycled materials on site at our community school. This can be used for marketing green technologies in construction.


 After the hands-on training of interns within this project, we will support the organization of a green construction group and a network of enterprises focusing around construction from natural and recycled materials; as well as production of supplementary tools and materials needed. Through social enterprise we can support local families through supporting small businesses that provide materials like glass bricks, recycled plastic tiles etc.

 Why the ECO Village is Important to the Communities It Serves:


  1. It will allow the school to increase and diversify the range of supporting entrepreneurial activities to be able to sustain provision of education to local community through providing housing for retreats and interns.
  2. The eco-village will be a showcase of construction from natural and recycled materials and hereby increase awareness to the local and expat population about sustainable and green building alternatives.
  3. During the construction of the eco-village local community members will have an opportunity to acquire useful skills and knowledge about sustainable construction techniques through direct participation and paid internships.
  4. Community members can also get involved and subsidize their income through being supported in starting small businesses that directly correlate with the materials needed to build eco villages.
  5. Students and community members will benefit from exposure to high-tech green technology, e.g. the 3D-printing of housing parts, using litter and recycling discarded objects.
  6. The project follow-up will directly raise entrepreneurship potential among local population in green tourism and green industry sectors.

The Target Population:

The Red Road Foundation and the Eco Village serve a diverse population.



  1. Local Khmer children who benefit from free education and will have the opportunity to apply for this internship.
  1. Local families who will have the support of our team to learn more about recycling, green technology, environmental health and opportunity to work directly with us and generate income for their families.
  1. International and Khmer interns who can get hands-on experience in green technology through volunteering with us.
  1. The local Khmer and expat population who are interested in building beautiful homes or eco resorts. They will have the opportunity to support the environment through the construction of their dream homes, villas or bungalows.

“Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.”

– Ellie Brister 23 Nathan Billingham 25 (3rd year volunteer)

A message from our CMO

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Remote & Virtual Internship

In this course, you will study influential leaders, get an understanding of social enterprise organization and leadership theory, as well as, real-life application in the context of sustainability. Acquire a critical understanding of yourself in order to effectively empower and manage a team. Our internship/course has three parts, studying what makes a good leader, finding/identifying and utilizing strengths of self/team, and initiating your own contribution to the Red Road focused on your personal skill set that is guided and implemented with the founders. 


This course/internship is designed to help you become the best leader that you can be and gain a unique one-of-kind experience that is completely tailored to you. This is a customized course that will allow you to work at your own pace, receive one-to-one coaching, and be tailored to your passions and skillset.


Leadership & Sustainability 


Sustainability in leadership is one of the most important trends that we are seeing in the business world right now. As you will see in Daniella Papi’s TedTalk, there is a steep upward trend in young entrepreneur’s desire to take social and environmental responsibility into account when measuring success. As we have all been going through a major rebalancing of priorities in 2020, we have the opportunity to aid the shift in the mindset of a select few gaining more power and wealth at the expense of the whole. 


Being a part of sustainable leadership is the willingness to be aware of the beliefs that we have been indoctrinated into so that we may create a life based on what we really value as truth. We must first look at what we have been taught and take an inventory of our fundamental beliefs. Do our actions and words truly match with our values?



Through challenging our own beliefs and aligning our vision with our personal truth, we become able to challenge the status quo and lead others to do the same. These changes need to be made for us to thrive as One, start with personal choice, personal responsibility, and personal awareness. In some cultures, it is not until the whole tribe’s needs are met that we anyone succeeds. 


To live in a world where each person’s skills, talents, abilities, and passions are honored and have a place is a society in which equality and sustainability can heal the toxic beliefs that our society has been taught. We have been taught that others have to lose for us to win. In sustainable development, there is a place for everyone’s strengths, and an effective leader can see how all can contribute to the big picture.


Social Networking & Experience  Learning 


As we work in a team, we can see how we can utilize each other’s strengths and how we can work together as a cohesive force. In doing this, our self-awareness grows, and we harness the strength of each member for the benefit of the whole. To us, this is sustainable leadership. This is about creating an environment where all parties benefit and all member’s needs are met. Through having the buy-in of all involved through mutual success, we achieve a lifestyle that values all and ensures cohesiveness of the whole. 


This content will get you more deeply grounded on this journey of becoming the best leader you can be, which will be a lifetime process. 😉 Our course is laid out in essay format. You will take time to reflect and think about what this content means to you. At the end of each section, you will have personalized coaching and counseling on becoming the best leader you can be, in complete unison with what you stand for and your personal value system. We will share about our personal journeys in areas that pertain to your mission and help you to dissect and understand what the recurrent themes in your course essays are.


Holistic E-learning 


The roles that Science and Spirituality play in Leadership are at the core of being influential.  In my life, it has been incredibly important to better understand myself and my role in this life to maintain and develop the self-confidence, and self-discipline that we will face through adversity as a leader. A leader is someone who takes things in a new direction and that can be intimidating as a new leader. This is why it is so important to take the time to truly know the self and our mission. So what are you waiting for? 


Education + Business + Self-Awareness & Networking

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