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Road Less Traveled


My name is Rachel, I have spent ten years in Cambodia, founded The Red Road Foundation and speak the local language. I want to offer you an unforgettable journey on the road less traveled. I have thoughtfully put together an itinerary to highlight the best of Cambodia & support small local businesses that are truly amazing!

This retreat is a gentle challenge that reconnects us to the awe of being alive. If you let it, you will return with a new appreciation for yourself & all the little things. You will check off some bucket list experiences & you will connect with new communities from all over the world. 

We adventure in nature, connect in women’s circles, explore ancient temples in faraway lands, walk with elephants through the jungle, strengthen our body-mind connection in yoga/breathwork classes, manifest our dream lives with life-coaching sessions, treat our bodies like temples at a secret local spa, recharge our souls with volunteering, feel beautiful in self-love photoshoots and enjoy some needed me-time.

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Price: $3,111 (14 Day All-Inclusive )
Rachel Riggio – Retreat Facilitator
#855-017 449 488 Telegram, WhatsApp or local Cambodia


Rachel Riggio

Founder/CEO - Red Road Foundation  
Addictions Counselor, Wellness Coach, 
Spirituality/Science Author
Artist & Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur, leadership teacher, science/spirituality author, counselor, and protector of the underdog. I live in Cambodia and am even more in-love with it now than I was when I first arrived ten unforgettable years ago. Since then, I have learned to speak Khmer, explored this robust country, have gotten to know its beautiful people and the wonderful (truly full of wonder) local culture.

I founded and run The Red Road Foundation, a free education and sustainable development project in the countryside in collaboration with the local community. Together, we work towards creating a sustainable model for solutions including opportunities for impoverished families, environmental destruction, assessable education, circular economy, and sustainable system implementation.
I have fallen absolutely in love with the way of being here, in the Kingdom of Wonder.

I facilitate internship and wellness retreat programs here in Cambodia that directly fund the free education initiatives of the Red Road Foundation. It is my absolute privilege and pleasure to introduce people to the many things Khmer culture has taught me about living a fulfilled, accepting, and joyful life.


“This retreat with Rachel provided the beautiful & safe space in which I needed to be emotionally, after a relationship breakdown.  It was time to ‘put back’.  It was a reboot.  I found I was amongst like-minded women, where we could be our authentic selves.  We shared, we laughed, we cried.  We ate, we explored, we yoga’d, we meditated, we beautified, we tuk tuk’d, we shopped….  I experienced a plethora of emotions amidst a whole spectrum of experiences from walking with elephants, sunrise at Angkor Wat, the horrible reality of the Killing Fields, and heartening stories of those who’ve turned their lives around and those who’ve turned around the lives of others.  A great leveler and very bonding – I definitely found my tribe!

  Rachel’s enthusiasm & cheerfulness are infectious and her work with the Red Road Foundation is inspirational, along with her joy & love of others.  Everything and everyone is Beautiful.  Whilst Maya is rooted and knowing, and guided us through physical and emotional places with yoga practice (like no other!) and shamanic work…. I don’t want to let her go!  I have emerged feeling nourished, an enhanced woman.  I thank you.” 

-Lucy Lindsay 

“It changed me and it changed my heart forever.”
- Manon Cormier

“Rachel serves as a constant source of encouragement and enlightenment for those who spend time with her. Her accomplishments towards making the world a better place are an inspiration to all who cross her path. I highly recommend her retreats. Give yourself the gift of her knowledge and vision.”

-Bonni Quist

Invest in yourself

Spots are limited, and this is a once in a lifetime trip. It´s time to change your life, forever.