Women’s Retreats


Women’s Empowerment Retreat

Empowerment + Self-Awareness + Unity

Welcome to our Women’s Retreat

We focus on women’s empowerment through self love & bonding together as a cohesive force for healing the Divine Feminine.


We have the capability to heal our world through healing ourselves. Conditioned by a system that has taught us to not be satisfied with ourselves, many of us feel unworthy, disconnected or unfulfilled. Feminine qualities have been undervalued and repressed for far too long. As we reclaim the strength of our intuition, we will rise to fearlessly love ourselves and know our power in unity. In this retreat, we will share our stories, release conditioning, honor our inner knowing, root ourselves in self-love and cultivate inner peace.


We will go on adventures in nature, connect in women’s circles, explore ancient temples, walk with elephants through the jungle, strengthen our bodies in yoga classes, manifest our dream lives with life coaching sessions, treat our bodies like temples with healthy meals, energize our souls with volunteering, feel beautiful in self-love photoshoots and enjoy pampering.
You will leave this retreat feeling empowered, recharged and inspired!

Retreat Details:

  • Women’s Circles and Ceremonies
  • Yoga & Meditation 
  • Exploring Ancient Temples
  • Volunteering in Free Education & sustainable development Center
  • Visit an Elephant Reserve
  • Waterfall Adventure
  • Self Love Photo Shoot
  • Paddle Boarding Mangroves 
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Healthy Meals
  • Massage & Relax by the pool
  • Ikigai, Human Design, Tarot, counseling 
Final Days on the Island

Stay in beachfront bungalow on white sand beach * Health Cleanse * Reiki *Beachfront Yoga

Swimming with Glowing Plankton *

Walking Jungle Meditation &Water Release Ceremony

Woman's Retreat
May 1-11 2024

Or Custom 2 Week Retreats for 5+



  • Transportation during the Retreat    
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • All Activities Included in Retreat Details
  • Personalized and Group Coaching
  • Workshops, Counseling and Tarot
  • Three healthy meals per day     
  • Turquoise Waters/White Sand Beach and Magrove Forest Adventures
  • Staying in Beachfront and Riverside Bungalows  

10 Day Package: $2,222

(Fly into Siem Reap, Fly out of Phnom Penh-or continue traveling)

Custom Trips Available for 5+ Women

Rachel Riggio- Retreat Facilitator
#855-017 449 488
Telegram, WhatsApp or local Cambodia

Ellie Brister

Holistic Living, Self Love & Business Mentor 


English and Mindfulness Teacher at The Red Road 


Kangen Water Distributer 


Founder/Operational Director at The Humble Home of Strays

I am a passionate leader that lives a life of purpose and intention. I spread a message of self-awareness and education of conscious living through example.


I am a teacher who educates through sharing tools for inner illumination and connection. I work with mediums like Ikigai, Human Design and self love practices.


I am a passionate coach for those looking to live a life in alignment with their passions and purpose. I work with my clients to help them find the courage to know the beauty, truth and purpose we all have within. I share steps to living a greener lifestyle, with a passion particularly of wellness through our water consumption.


My path is one of compassion for all life on earth and I have spent the past few years rescuing animals in south Cambodia and developing a sanctuary that homes the ill and abandoned. I teach as an English and Mindfulness teacher at The Red Road Foundation and on a digital platform. I have also curated an online presence as a guide for freedom and living a more holistic lifestyle.  I hope to inspire those who feel a call to fulfill and satisfy their souls by living the life of their dreams. 

Rachel Riggio

Founder, Chief Operational Director of The Red Road Foundation  
Spirituality/Science Author 
 Addictions Counselor

I am an entrepreneur of social enterprises, the founder of a self-sustaining free education center, author of two books on spiritual principles, addiction’s counselor for over ten years, environmental leadership teacher and a inspired life student that constantly seeks to reach higher levels of consciousness.


 I have been running women’s groups for fifteen years and am so grateful for the feelings of trust and unity that come from being part of the rise of The Divine Feminine voice. Through recognizing the parts of our psyche that have been programmed against our own intuition and thought patterns that keep us in destructive cycles, we can set ourselves free.


The transformative, collective experiences that happen when women come together to heal is overwhelmingly powerful. The deep truths of life are undeniably uncovered and felt in goosebumps through every cell of our beings.


 For these reasons I am so excited to be part of this woman’s retreat. When we come together to share, experience, listen and feel there is something immensely powerful that takes place. The inner voices of each of our souls get louder and we know for sure why we are here and what we have come to do in this lifetime. My personal mission in being a part of this retreat is to impact the collective consciousness of humanity through strengthening our ability to listen to our intuitions that is the Divine Feminine power.


  This wisdom is already in each of us, we are just unlearning all of the things that have conditioned us to be less than we truly are. The freedom, love and opportunity that have come into my life through walking this path is something that I am deeply passionate about sharing with my fellow humans.

A letter from Rachel: 

The Divine Feminine in all humankind loves to make things better and loves to beautify that which is around us. We like to create solutions. We like to share and learn from each other. We are persistent at fostering growth and prosperity in those we love. Our Divine Feminine is powered by an undeniable connection to source. Awareness and protection of this part of ourselves allows a primal force of love to move though us.


The archetypes of the Divine Feminine reside within us all. There is the Goddess, Queen Mother, Priestess, Warrioress, Lover and Wise Woman.


The Goddess connects to Source. She nurtures and cares for the young, sick, elderly and vulnerable. She sees the Divine in all of life and her passion is the catalyst that leads to creation. She is inspiring with dynamic energy that is born of intuitive wisdom of our Unity. She whispers in your ear that we don’t have to worry but simply surrender to the flow.


The Queen Mother is exquisite in her authority. She knows when to be strong and when to be gentle. She nurtures those in her care to self-sufficiency. She creates a stability and calm through the chaos and teaches us how to find it in ourselves. She’s caring, calm and persistent.


The Priestess is an intuitive lifeforce that connects the material realm to the unconscious realm of spirit. She reminds us where we came from, why we are here and who we have been. She can access our ancient records when we get too involved in the physical world, so we remember the simple truths of incarnation. She holds the knowledge of infinity and imparts her wisdom to truth seekers. She remains connected to source and a facilitator for those who cannot see the whole picture. She’s a medium who communicates with eternal magic that runs through all of life. She helps us learn to transmit the poisons of the physical world and detach a bit from the conditioned values that keep us unsatisfied. She downloads the big picture and broadcasts it across the mundane. 


The Warrioress is fierce and direct. She slices through veils of self-deception and stands firm in her truth. What she’s fighting for cuts to the root of all that plagues us, so we may be of service to ourselves. She is a brave protector of the ultimate truth of Awareness, she holds dear to her heart. She is a fierce servant of the good in all. She’s fought many battles and has grown compassion for her allies and her losses. She knows her work must be done. She has the courage to confront her own inner weaknesses and love her wounds. Experience has made her strong and she’s loyal to the greater good. 


The Divine Feminine is a Lover. She is transmutes an image of sexuality has been forced upon her by the patriarchy with simple labels of virgin or whore. She doesn’t care because she’s playfully and sensually who she is, with absolutely no shame. She will dance naked in the fields and not pay any mind to what they will call her. She’s a muse, moved by beauty and a joyous interpretation of the environment around her. She dances like no one is watching. She honors her urge to bond and unite in the physical realm. Her sensuality is enticing. Her expression of love on a physical level is everything intoxication wishes it could be. Primal passion erupts from her core and flows through her limbs and out through her eyes. She honors the senses, with no hesitation or guilt for her pleasure. She knows what she deserves and she’s happy to have it all.


She is a Wise Woman, a saint, a shaman a holistic healer. Intuitive wisdom outpours in her every movement from the depths of her being. She sees the interworkings of each situation. She knows all things have their place and time. She reminds us to hold the vision and trust the process of our lives. She holds the vision for our tribe. She believes in our potential, while forgiving emotionally tainted judgment. She doesn’t judge us yet always reminds us of who we truly are. She gives us direction and wise counsel. She observes and she monitors, carefully picking her battles. She knows how to compromise; she is humble and she supports the unity of the tribe. 




This is a little Ode I wrote about what being a woman means to me. It is a great honor to run these retreats and I believe they have the power to change not only our own lives, but raise the energetic frequency of the collective consciousness. I look forward to getting to know you ladies in the wild of Cambodia and having a truly transformative experience. 


With love, 

Rachel Riggio

Author of Be Your Own Guide & The Power in Being Kind

“Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.”

– Ellie Brister 23 Nathan Billingham 25 (5th year volunteer)

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