Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats

A Gorgeous Mix of Yoga, Adventure & the Road Less Traveled

Hello, my name is Rachel, my background is in wellness counseling, I have spent ten years in Cambodia, founded The Red Road Foundation & speak the local language. My life has been transformed by my time here & I want to share it with you.

I want to offer you an unforgettable journey on the road less traveled filled with insider perspective & supporting small inspiring local businesses. It is a break from the mundane, a gift to ourselves that reconnects us to the simple pleasures & the big picture, simultaneously.

Explore vibrant culture, ancient ruins, elephants in the jungle, countryside collaborations, tropical riverside relaxation & coming home to ourselves on white sand beaches and relaxing in the turquoise sea. This, paired with daily wellness practices will realign us with our higher selves, widen our perspective, & refill our cup.

Wellness Retreats


May 1-14 (Women Only)

November 18-1 (Women’s)


Jan 20-Feb 2 (Women’s)

February 17-March 2 

April 21-May 4 (Women’s)

November 10-23

Custom Trips Available 4+

Fresh Perspective

All-Inclusive & Custom Trips for 5+ 

  • 14 Day $3,111 

Three healthy meals per day

All transportation during the Retreat

Gorgeous Accommodation & Activities:

  • Exploring Ancient Temples 
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation & Guidance
  • Walk with Elephants in a Sanctuary
  • One to One Sessions Coaching, Counseling & Tarot
  • City Markets + Cultural Historical Sites
  • Relax Riverfront & Paddle Mangroves
  • Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Waterfall
  • Blessings from Monks in Cave Pagodas
  • Volunteering & Collaborating with Locals to Share Skills, Passions + Workshops at Rural School 
  • Rewilding & Rejuvenation on White Sand Beaches
  • Swimming with Glowing Plankton in Turquoise Waters
  • Seafront & Riverfront Accommodation
  • Flight from Siem Reap to the Capital
  •  Secret Countryside Oasis Spa with Home-made Natural Scrub &  Khmer Self-Love Rituals (Women Only)
  • Luxurious City Oasis Stay
  • Cultural Sites and Local Markets

Today, it’s easy to find ourselves on autopilot or getting disillusioned by dissatisfaction in the material world. We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget the preciousness of each moment & the wonder of being alive.

This retreat reawakens our authentic selves, as we explore distant lands, humble faces, & get a glimpse into a different world.

This choice is an opportunity to reconnect with you, return to your life with a new appreciation for all the little things, & check off some bucket list experiences.

Contact: Rachel Riggio


#855 017 449 488

WhatsApp, Telegram & local Cambodia

“I was lucky enough to join a trip to a Cambodia with Rachel. 
I can 100% recommend that if you are considering it, you should do it! 

Rachel is so positive, knowledgeable, speaks the local language which was a huge benefit, she’s kind and nothing short of inspiring. Nothing is too much trouble for her to organize on the trip. She’s open to ideas and just wants everyone to get the most out of the experience. If there were more Rachel’s in the world, it would most definitely be a happier place! 

Thankyou for a truly inspiring, thought provoking and memorable trip! We are forever connected!”


Ali Whitmore

 “Having just returned from a trip through Cambodia with a group of women I can truly say that it was a journey in more than just the physical sense. 

Lead by the extraordinary Rachel Riggio, the journey took us through various social enterprises supporting local children and communities including the Red Road Foundation which Rachel has established.
We laughed, we cried, we shared, we ate and we had the most wonderful experience whilst traversing this beautiful country.”

Georgina Mullins

This retreat with Rachel provided the beautiful & safe space in which I needed to be emotionally, after a relationship breakdown.  It was time to ‘put back’.  It was a reboot.  I found I was amongst like-minded women, where we could be our authentic selves.  We shared, we laughed, we cried.  We ate, we explored, we yoga’d, we meditated, we beautified, we tuk tuk’d, we shopped….  I experienced a plethora of emotions amidst a whole spectrum of experiences from walking with elephants, sunrise at Angkor Wat, the horrible reality of the Killing Fields, and heartening stories of those who’ve turned their lives around and those who’ve turned around the lives of others.  A great leveler and very bonding – I definitely found my tribe!   Rachel’s enthusiasm & cheerfulness are infectious and her work with the Red Road Foundation is inspirational, along with her joy & love of others.  Everything and everyone is Beautiful. I have emerged feeling nourished, an enhanced woman.  I thank you.”

IMG_3236 (2)

Lucy Lindsay

Guide: Rachel Riggio

I am an entrepreneur, leadership teacher, science/spirituality author, counselor, and protector of the underdog. I live in Cambodia and am even more in-love with it now than I was when I first arrived ten unforgettable years ago. Since then, I have learned to speak Khmer, explored this robust country, gotten to know its beautiful people and the wonderful (truly full of wonder) local culture.

I founded and run The Red Road Foundation, a free education and sustainable development project in the countryside in collaboration with the local community. Together, we work towards creating a sustainable model for solutions including opportunities for impoverished families, environmental destruction, assessable education, circular economy, and sustainable system implementation.

I now facilitate internship and wellness retreat programs here in Cambodia that directly fund the free education initiatives of the Red Road Foundation. After running therapeutic groups for fifteen years, I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead people on a journey through distant lands that ultimately brings us closer to ourselves, each other, and our environment. It is my absolute privilege and pleasure to introduce people to the many things Khmer culture has taught me about living a fulfilled, accepting, and joyful life

“There are no two ways about it…This is something very special and hard to put into words. Definitely a perspective shifting trip that opened me up to such a deeper and more fulfilling experience of my life. I’m forever grateful.”

– Sarah Sawnsun

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