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Internship 2024

Internships that focus on Leadership Skills, Personal Development, Hands-on Experience, Service Learning and Ecologically-minded Sustainable Enterprise.

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Hands-On Experience

Internship Program:

Proposal for Interns:
A small, diverse, and international group to join us in a one-of-a-kind experiential learning opportunity in our rural Cambodian village. Together, we will spend time collecting data, analyzing it with the cultural factors in mind, creating a customized sustainable development project, putting an actionable plan together, implementing it into the daily life of the village, and lastly assessing the impact of that contribution on the local community. 
Phases of the project
1. Research and an environmental assessment of the rural area in terms of Environmental issues
2. Evaluating factors in the community with a sustainable development goal
3. Putting together a presentation in the village translated/presented by our own leadership students in their own community
4. Working with interested community members on creating sustainable solutions
5. Putting a strategic plan in place
6. Managing themselves to see out the initiative with the help of village elders
7. Implementation
8. Evaluation of Impact
9. Reflection
We seek a mix of  students, craftsmen/women, interested individuals with a heart to make a difference. We welcome diverse backgrounds and skills to form a dynamic dream team abroad. All participants will have the mutual interest of leadership and sustainable development. 
Alongside our on-site team- Rachel Riggio (The Red Road Foundation Founder), Hong Da (Village Elder), Dara Roth (Leadership & Sustainable Development teacher at The Red Road), and our Red Road Leadership students. 
February 1 -June 2024
Price:  (Includes:  accommodation, food, transport (from Kampot town) and customized educational experiential program
 & one to one leadership coaching)
 $555 per month (All inclusive) One month minimum
Private rooms and Dorm Available
$200 per week (One week minimum)
Maximum 12

Included Experience:

  • Eco construction building projects- Build with recycled materials and cobb!

  • Creating Sustainable Solutions in our Village
  • Environmental Outreach in the Rural Countryside
  • Eco- Incentive Campaigns
  • Leadership Skill Training
  • Organic Farming, harvesting, wildcraft production of health and wellness products for our social enterprise
  • Up-cycling, Crafts & Nature Adventures
  • Collaborative ECO-workshops with our local countryside students
  • Developing Environmentally Minded Social Enterprise in the Village
  • Groups about Progress, Self- Awareness, Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration & Personal Development
  • Experience the World from a new perspective in a small village– Guaranteed it will change your life!
  • Creating a model focused on sustainable solutions that can be duplicated
  • Work with our Eco Engineers
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Implementing Sustainable Systems that cut down Waste, Re-use and Promote Natural Products
  • 3 Healthy Meals per Day
  • On-site Accommodation
  • Transportation within the internship 


A big gap exists between the communities in necessity and modern-day resources that can help and support them. Our organization is looking to reduce this gap and create benefits on both ends. Interns and volunteers would have the opportunity to get exposure to real challenges and needs of a rural community while the village would benefit from the interaction, knowledge and input of a holistic-minded team. 
This experience is a life-changing opportunity for students to implement their sustainability studies and eco-friendly ideas with community-based focus projects. The combination of the two worlds creates enormous spaces for creativity and innovation bringing progress and professional growth. 
Being in Cambodia will increase the connection with our natural system and strong self-evaluation, developing our ways of living and thinking.  
“Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.”
– Ellie Brister 23 Nathan Billingham 25 (3rd year volunteer)

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