Home Office in the Cambodian Countryside

I was born in Los Angeles, California- half a world away from where I live now. I live in the middle of the Cambodian countryside. When I look out my window, I see nothing but green, mountains, rice fields, an ancient tree, and always some form of a magnificent sky. It’s truly a dream here!

I was looking for a place to live with nothing but red dirt roads around me. I like being off the beaten path and surrounded by nature. I prefer quiet village life where everyone waves when you path by. I wanted to hear birds, crickets, and rain.

I met a Cambodian man who offered to build me a custom home on his coconut plantation. I happily agreed, what an incredible opportunity! Two months later, I was living in my beautiful little two-story home with a glass bottle brick wall and a beautiful patio that looks over greenery and mountains as far as the eye can see. So, I live here with my little animal family.

I have so much peace here and inspiration. When I write my books and articles, I voice record them in the notepad on my iPhone. I sit in my hammock or out on the patio, I look out into the beautiful green landscape like I’m doing right now. And, I just talk as if I’m talking to you or one of my best friends.

Right now, there is the sound of rain on the roof, beautiful low-hanging mystical clouds over the mountains that make me feel like I’m in a storybook from once upon a time. There is an ancient tree that I look out at, constantly reminding me of the power and resilience of nature. My boyfriend is singing romantic Brazilian music and playing his guitar in the background.

I am feeling really lucky to be alive. I love the life that I created for myself. I could be working a 9 to 5 in a city somewhere, but instead, I’m a writer who runs a free education project in the rural countryside. 

My main objective is to be a part of a movement that raises the consciousness of humanity, at this time in our world.

I’m so grateful for myself that I created this life. I am so grateful for you, thank you for reading this and being a part of this beautiful journey with me. I hope I can inspire you to create the life of your dreams and to believe in a kind of world where we all get to do what we love.

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