Why Should YOU do a Woman’s Retreat?


The contribution that you bring to this world, dear sister, is truly beyond the English language to describe. And though that is true, I will do my best here to explain the wonder of being woman. 

We are fierce in our ability to swim in the deep waters of unconscious feelings, to know them, drink them and hold them in our bellies as the
emotional needs of Our tribe. 

We are inseparably connected to the moon and all of her cycles. Unconsciously our bodies attuned to her rhythm and let us know when it
is the time to drive a dream forward and when is the time for restful release. It is a powerful strength to honor the cycles of nature in a society
that pushes and forces forward without pause. 

We don’t always know how we know the things we do, but deep within our inner knowing our truths make themselves known. Intuition is like a siren gently singing through the sounds of a ferocious tide. At times, it’s difficult to hear her, but when you know she’s always there, you know what to listen for. 

The ways of modern day man have swept us away from the beautiful connectedness within humanity, but women usher the healing reconnection we will see in our time. It is our nature to unite, heal and bring people together to mutually thrive.

 It is from the very depths of our innermost, womanly beings, that we feel the strength to truly be our authentic, beautiful selves. Regardless of the time-stamped regulations of what it means to be beautiful today or tomorrow. We can see through it, and look deep into another woman‘s eyes and know what true beauty is. We are the beholders of each other. We don’t need magazines or commercials to tell us or sell us on how we can be more attractive because we know, these beautiful bodies that we were born into are our birthright, and we hold the power of regenerating the tribe.

 We are fully whole and inseparably connected to each other and our natural environment. We are perfectly ourselves and perfectly know how to be who we are like a tree can tree, a flower can flower and the waves roll in. 

 It is fierce power to be able to feel the atrocities that go on in our world today, and still have the warrior spirit to proceed forward. With the strength to allow tears to mark our faces and the power of our intuitive urge to heal in our hearts; we hold the vision of an abundant future.

 To be a woman is an honor, and a duty, not to be taken lightly. Though our medicine involves playfulness, it is us who interprets the illuminated way in today’s dark times. The feminine spirit draws her strength from inseparable Divine connection that has no need for comparison or competition. She counts the successes of all members as successes for the whole. 

 We are attuned to subtle energetic ebbs and flows that we use to guide us as we trust the process through these times. The description of beauty in the dictionary should be followed by each and every one of us who has the courage to shine bright as who we truly are. 


 Why Should YOU do a Woman’s Retreat?

 In today’s day and age, we have been programmed against our true nature. It is often difficult to hear our inner voices with all the toxic subliminal messaging we come across each day. There are so many pollutants of the mind and body.

 The cyclical ways of womanhood do not fit into today’s values. So many of us push ourselves nonstop, unable to rest, or relax. There is a masculine heavy mindset that has overtaken the feminine counterpart. This mentality forces people to push to achieve more and more without the time to rest, reflect, and come back to ourselves. Feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion and lack of personal fulfillment plague the psyches of many humans these days. The importance of intuition is not honored, and valued. Many of us are feeling not aligned with our highest purpose in life which brings us fulfillment, peace and a sense of contributing to the goodness of the whole. 

 For these reasons, a woman’s retreat is what allows us to reconnect with ourselves, with the power of womanhood, and with the cycles of nature. When we get together with a group of women there is a scientifically proven, healing compound that gets released within our brains. Sharing experiences with women from many different walks of life is extremely powerful medicine. When we share our experiences, intuition and emotional healings, that energy has a snowball effect and the powerful authority of our inner knowing gets stronger. 

 It’s the energy we feed that grows. When we take the time to pause from the daily grind of modern day pressures, obligations and scarcity mindsets; we allow ourselves to realign to a different frequency, so that we reconnect and align with our higher selves and attract new opportunity. 

 This retreat will allow us to achieve mindfulness of how we ARE BEING in this world. It will bring awareness to the things we put in our bodies and how they impact our emotional state i.e.; food, conversations, thoughts, rituals, and self-care.

We will be able to see how the things we ingest affect the way we feel, and the experiences that align with us. This connection is exactly what we are missing in modern day times. It is us women who will raise the vibration of the collective unconscious through this reconnection and power of interconnectedness with all life. 

 We give this as a gift to ourselves, and in turn it feeds all who cross our paths.

 So, if you’ve been feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, lack of energy or passion for the gift of each day, this is what you’ve been looking for. This is the REBOOST, the RECHARGE and the RECONNECTION that your soul craves to bring grateful perspective, an inner state of well-being and a revitalized energetic flow through each precious cell of your body.

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