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I know it has been a while since you’ve heard from us!

I apologize for that.Things have been progressing and we have been very busy! We had a Danish company reach out to us and enter us in a competition that we won and got a freshwater bore well dug, onsite! We can now get water year-round and experiment with new types of farming (aquaponics and hydroponics) that can grow some vegetables that are very hard to grow in this area. Many of our students are very excited to learn about this, as they come from farming families. Also, we had another Danish company reach out to us called Canopy LAB they have an amazing online learning platform with classes in Environmental Leadership, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, Women’s Empowerment, etc.. We have just partnered with them and have an amazing American volunteer with two master’s degrees, coming out to train our teachers in it and implement this into our curriculum! On top of that, a third organization reached out to us, ACE Cambodia a clean-cooking/off-grid energy company. They are coming out to start a solar-powered battery lamp library at our school and to give a presentation on sustainability, renewable energies & clean cooking.

We just got an amazing new board member named Iain Rae, from England. He is helping us develop our new internship program. This is very exciting! It will be the bread and butter project that leading us to full self-sustainability. Our trips will fully fund our school and pay for the eco-construction workshops for locals in the community. What we are doing is starting an internship program for college students to come get credits for Leadership in Sustainable Development and Personal Development. As we have successfully hosted over 700 interns and volunteers, we have decided to make an official curriculum. We have continuously received amazing letters from past volunteers who vouch that working with our program has transformed the way they view themselves and their abilities in our world. This inspired us to bridge the gap between western and eastern ways of life and bring people together in symbiotic relationships.

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 I am currently in the US recruiting students but more specifically, meeting with department directors at the major Universities between Montana and Austin, to develop a few partnerships for curriculum and project collaboration with our programs. We are working at a grassroots level and blazing the trail for some innovative ways of handling trash and free education, we are a perfect model to have students get involved in implementing new ideas and experiential learning. We are interested in having faculty-led programs that have a long-term affiliation with our school. We have U of M and MSU interested! MSU is developing a Leadership Minor and has expressed interest in pursuing a partnership that incorporates The Red Road Foundation in the curriculum! It is very exciting! I am currently in Colorado and meeting with Universities working on this full time, I often have some financial worries in getting this off the ground. When I came out here, I was wondering how I would be able to afford hotels and renting a car, etc.. It was basically impossible for me, but I had faith that if it was meant to be then my needs would be met. I called my friend, Halladay, which most of you know because she plays music for most of our fundraisers and wrote “Just a Little Love” as a tribute to The Red Road. Before I could even tell her that I was planning on coming to the States and visiting Universities between Montana and Austin, she told me that she had finally finished up her 1960’s bus after two years of working on it and that she was going to take it on tour during the exact time frame and on the exact same route that I was considering for our recruiting trip. BOOM! The Universe provided. So now, we are here on the road. Here are some photos from our trip!

If you are able, any donations will help us to keep everything rolling. We are so close to being self-sustainable! Soon we will not rely on donations at all, but as for now, this is our final push and we need your help! Funds currently go to:

  1. Keeping our school running ($800 per month)
  2. Finishing the new intern quarters ($1000)
  3. Printing/meeting room/transportation costs at the Universities ($500).

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Thank for being a crucial part of our journey and thanks for your interest and support! If you know anyone who could benefit from a perspective and priority shift in life, please check out our Educational Retreat.

With Love and Gratitude,

The RRF Family

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  1. I’m interested in your program please allow me to take part in the changing of my life’s.

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