Science, Sound and Healing

As we learned in science class, everything is energy that vibrates at various frequencies. Energy is made visible to us through the vibrational patterns moving through all of life. Sound is energy, wave patterns and frequency! We can use it to heal! We truly live in an incredible Universe.

To See Sound

In the science of cymatics, we can see the physical form of sound.

It seems there is some kind of intelligence taking place with the formations of geometric, organized structures in beautiful patterns. They vary with each tone and organize themselves together.

Beautiful geometric sand patterns are created through vibrations made on a steel table top. When we see the forms made, it really makes us step back and say, “Hmm…” How incredible is it that the sand morphs into these perfect geometric forms through tones and with each different frequency there is a different corresponding pattern!

It seems like magic but it’s science! For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about you should check out the work of Kenichi Kanazawa. 

We truly do live in an incredible universe!

Our Cells Sing

I’ve been learning about sound healing recently and the quantum physics and other science that supports it. Sonocytology was founded by a professor and a doctor at UCLA using an Atomic Force Microscope.

He founded the study of the sound of cells. They discovered that our cells actually have an audible frequency and you can distinguish if a cell is healthy or unhealthy by its pitch!

It’s incredible that the frequency of sound is at the most basic part of a cell’s nature, and if it’s what they’re made of, why can’t we use the same vibrational energy to heal them?

It’s pretty amazing stuff and I’m blown away that it’s not something that we hear about more.

Healing by Electromagnetic Energy

My sister worked for a naturopath that used Radionics to heal people. I learned that each organ has a frequency at which it resonates. By using frequency to measure the functions going on in various parts of the body, they treated their clients based on these findings rather than symptomatically.

Back in the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife invented a similar machine that used frequency to heal! He cured people of cancer using the Laws of the Universe.

Without getting too into the science behind it, it is similar to our ability to shatter a wine glass by tuning into the specific frequency of the glass itself. This can be done by running your finger along its rim. When the resonant frequency of the glass matches the tone, it will shatter.

He proved this method with a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and cancerous cells.

Unfortunately, he mysteriously disappeared after his findings.

Medicinal Sound Healing

Sound healing is something that is starting to be recognized in the medical field. Many scientists have documented its effect on our autonomic, immune, and endocrine systems, as well as the direct impact it has on the activity in our brains. 

I believe it’s something not talked about on the mainstream media because corporations could lose out on a lot of money if people knew they were able to treat themselves with sound and nature. These are ancient healing methods, not pseudoscience of new-age mumbo jumbo. There’s plenty of scientific proof that tones can affect our bodies in a physiological and hormonal way.

History of Sound Healing

Egyptians used sound in a method they called “toning “where they used vowel sounds to create specific healing frequencies that could harmonize the systems of the body. A woman named Elizabeth Keys wrote a book called Toning where she states “Toning is an ancient method of healing. The idea is to simply restore people to their harmonic patterns.”

Researchers who studied Egypt said that the pyramids were built in a way where there was a giant echo chamber where vibrations could move through creating tones that could have been used for healing or possibly ascension! Richard Hoagland, a specialist, said that the structure of the pyramid is made of calcium carbonate and lime stone which has certain molecular configuration similar to a crystal and with it stacked up with perfect geometry, it would be able to largely amplify a tone, like wind moving through caverns. I find it to be incredibly fascinating!

Ancient Greek physicians also use tones and vibration for healing, they treated personality disorders, digestion and sleep problems. There’s ancient Sanskrit chanting and the Gregorian chants of medieval times that were tuned to 432 Hz which is said to be the frequency of nature and resonates with the 7.83 Hz frequency of the earth and our brains. 

I found some amazing information on sound healing by a man named Dr. Leo Horowitz that found electromagnetic sound frequencies could be used to repair DNA and have a multitude of health benefits! Others have confirmed his findings.

Science Experiments with Sound

 Dr. Glen Rein is a respected researcher with extensive corporate experience that studies electromagnetics with highly respected schools like Harvard and Stanford. In 1987, he was studying psychoneuroimmunology and found a relationship between the central nervous system and the immune system. He scientifically explained how the way you feel will affect your physiological body.

In one of his studies, he wanted to see how sound frequency could impact healthy DNA. He measured the health of the cell based on its UV absorption rate, as this is a quality of a healthy cell. He exposed vials of DNA to four types of sound frequency. Two of the frequencies he exposed the DNA to were the Gregorian and ancient Sanskrit chants and he found that the chants increased absorption by 5 to 9%. The others like rock music, decreased the UV absorption. His studies proved that sound frequency can impact the well-being and the overall health of a cell. 

Tesla Agreed

Tesla was working on a Polyphase System back in 1899/1900 that could transmit and utilize electrical power that was free and didn’t use wires! He built a high frequency generator to experiment with wireless power transmission. He said that the earth worked like a giant generator and that we could harness the energy of the earth for free! He was working with harnessing energy in the ionosphere but it was not yet called the ionosphere. He filed US patents on his research and he spoke about the potential for high frequencies to have medical benefits at a famous lecture at Columbia College that he did in 1891. He also died mysteriously and evidence of his work in this area disappeared. 

Heartbeat of the Earth

A half a century later Schumann Resonance was founded to confirm Tesla’s research. Schumann was a German physicist that discovered an electromagnetic resonance existing between the earth and the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the electorally charged atmosphere that encircles the earth. There are waves and frequencies that pulsate from the ionosphere to the earth and as they bounce off the surface of earth, they create a frequency that resonates at 7.83 hertz. This is known as Schumann Resonance or the heartbeat of the earth. 

Schumann’s student Herbert Koenig, later compared EEG recordings of the human brain over the frequential recordings of the earth and found that our brains have the exact same frequency as the earth! Isn’t that incredible! These electrical impulses create and sustain all of life! 

It's All Waves and Energy from our Head to our Toes

The brain is made of neurons and neurons make it possible to get information from our environment and transform, relay and command the body on how to respond to it. These neurons are simply electrical signals and these electrical signals are nothing but waves, energy and vibration, just like the rest of matter! 

So, when we use sound healing and it enters our eardrums, it stimulates the Vegus nerve which is the longest cranial nerve in the body that goes all the way down to the lower intestines. The Vegus nerve backs up to the middle and lower ear membrane. This nerve is responsible for all the involuntary processes of the body including pumping your heart and breathing. It regulates the parasympathetic nervous system which restores relaxation to the body after periods of stress. It has a direct impact on many of the bodily systems.

Stimulating the nerve with vibration has the ability to send healing around the body. There have been many experiments done and scientific articles written that show how high frequency sound can stimulate dopamine synthesis and suppress the sympathetic nervous system. A heightened synthetic nervous system will cause stress, depression, aging and several other medical conditions. We have seen that the high frequency sound can also increase the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress.

Binaurel Beats and Solfeggio Sounds to Train the Brain

These sound healing techniques have history that leads us back to the medieval times. They were rediscovered in the 1970s using the Pythagorean method of numeral reduction from some codes Dr. Puleo found in the Bible.

All these sound frequencies are divisible by 3, 6 and 9, which have powers that were greatly supported by engineers, inventors and scientists like Nikola Tesla, John Keeley, Royal Rife and Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Tesla said “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

Binaural beats work through brain entrainment. This is a way to activate our brains capacity to enter a desired state by using a pulsing sound, light or electromagnetic field. The vibration or pulse triggers your neurons to replicate the pattern through the Law of Resonance.

Sound healing can help you achieve a desired state of mind or physical state of healing because of our brains “frequency following “response where brain waves synchronize with a given beat. All our moods are, are frequential patterns in the brain. Yet our state of mind has such a big influence on our lives impacting our relationships, our work and perceptions. 

More and more research show us physiological impacts on patients through sound healing such as increased cardiac output, decreased pulse rate, lower blood pressure, altered respiratory rates and assistance within the parasympathetic system.


All of this is just really cool in my eyes! So, I want to urge anyone who reads this to try out sound healing and leave a comment!

It’s pretty amazing stuff and what have you got to lose by trying? Learning more and more about where science and spirituality intersect inspires me every day and I feel blessed to be able to write about these things.

I hope that my writing can inspire you to do some of your own research and be inspired by the incredible synchronicities of the natural world that we are inseparably a part of. I am empowered through this incredible information to learn to fully utilize our ability to heal as human beings and harmonize with the way that we interact with it all!

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