The Undeniable Beauty of Ordinariness & Surrender

I’ve recently been given a gift. No doubt, most people would interpret it as a significant setback. However, at this point in my life, I’ve been learning that the most powerful thing I can do is go with the flow and act as if the Universe is constantly communicating with me. 

Where the path moves forward with ease, I know it is in alignment with the Divine; when things get complicated, and I’m not sure what to do, I let myself pause to see what alternative pathways the Universe suggests. 

I’m always moving forward, even when I stop to rest. I keep the grand vision of what I aspire to achieve, with the humility to know that it won’t look exactly how I imagined. Though I trust it will unfold even greater and truly beyond my wildest dreams.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Those words have become so very precious to me. 

You see, I am currently in the USA, as I came here to stand up for my best friend’s wedding and do some networking/moringa sales for my foundation.  Unfortunately, things unexpectedly changed while I was here, which led to me changing some plans. 

The first change I made came from a hardship that led to an intuition of how I had to break a pattern. It was a role I had played for far too long and to free myself from what I had typically condoned as acceptable behavior.  It was hard, but I moved forward on my intuition, feeling in my heart that it was the right time to set these boundaries and create these shifts in family systems. 

It was a difficult decision, but the fact that so many things lined up for me because I made the decision showed me that it was in alignment with my higher path. Though I no doubt have had to deal with the consequences of making that decision, I know in my heart that it’s a necessary move for the greater good and for the inner child within me that deserves protection. 

Then the second path change came as I was supposed to return to Cambodia, actually today, as I’m writing this. I’ve been excited to return. I have my school, animals, a beautiful home in the countryside, and a loving boyfriend to return to. But, restrictions to return have not been lifted as they were scheduled to be.  Going back to Cambodia right now would mean a $2000 deposit and a two-week quarantine in a government chosen location. So, I postponed my ticket. 

In the meantime, a job at a local bakery that would help my friend be able to spend more time with her family fell into my lap. I was lent a car and given a beautiful little home to call my own while I go through this period. I didn’t even ask–it was freely offered. It was confirmation that I am where I need to be right now. So, I’m in a bit of a waiting period that I have chosen to view as absolutely sacred. 

In my day-to-day life, with running a charitable organization, making financial ends meet for myself, looking after a home, pets, chores, duties, and consciously trying to raise the vibration of the world around me… Sometimes I seem to find myself rushing from one thing to the next. 

The mindfulness that it takes to truly savor each moment is a disciplined practice that I have trouble following through with many times. I get into this game in my mind about how much I can get done. Checking everything off my list does give me a bit of a high. But lately, during this “waiting period,” I have vowed to myself to cultivate my disciplined practice of being completely present. I want to be completely grateful for all these little ordinary moments that make up my life. It doesn’t come easy, but the more I surrender and take a few deep breathes during the day when I notice anxiety, the more I can come back into my body. The more I slow down and am completely present when I do things like wash my hair, make a pot of coffee, clean up, etc.  I find myself just being so grateful to have this incredible tool of a body and mind that allows me to really do what I want to do. It causes me to be so thankful for the minimalistic possessions that enable me to eat healthy food and be warm and enjoy the bounty of natural products. 

I sat in a hot spring the other day, looking at the bees sucking pollen from the flowers. Each leaf was so beautiful, with all of the veins running through. Prominent veins that lead to smaller veins and their complementary colors. How intricate each little part of them was and how they connected them to another function that made the whole. I admired how magnificent those little bees were and what a significant role they had in pollinating our world. Then, I just sat there looking at the perfectness of these leaves, flowers, and bees. I thought about how often I go through the day and miss these things. 

Then, I looked over at a human being who was soaking in front of me. I thought, how incredible this human being is!  Our bodies are such beautiful tools. I thought about how amazing our teeth, our nostrils, our conical-shaped ears, the tiny lashes above our eyes that protect the precious eyeballs that allow us to take in all these beautiful wonders of the world.  I thought about how amazing fingers are and how we could think about doing something, and within 1/ 10th of a second, our bodies are already doing it. I thought about all the functions of the organs and how our heart pumps blood through all these extremities. The absolute perfect complexities of the human being are just beyond comprehension! 

To think that a soul inhabits this incredible tool to come on this earth walk and learn lessons to benefit the soul.  Then, I thought about how we human beings are affected by the moon because it pulls water into our bodies and heightens our senses. How people are born at different times, allowing different star constellations to pull over their emotions. I thought about how incredible it is to meet people that make you feel at home and give you goosebumps. I thought about how wonderful it is that when you hear something that’s so incredibly true, that you could get goosebumps that would allow all of the hairs to stand up on your arms because you just know in your heart that something is right. 

I sat there in absolute awe and gratitude for this incredible experience to be human. 

This is what I want to share with you today. So join me on my mission to slow down and share in the sacredness and sheer gratitude for all these ordinary little moments. This mindfulness is an initiation to new levels of being, where we attract new kinds of abundance, and we find new levels of joy, surrender, and certainty during uncertain times.


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