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Internship with a Purpose

What a whirlwind 2020 has been! Many of us have been forced to see the world from a completely different perspective. Many of us have had to spend a lot of time indoors, almost doing nothing and have craved experiences with the outside world! If you’re reading this, you are probably looking for a remote internship or vitrual volunteering job, in which you can make our world a better place!

At times it can be difficult to have enriching experiences when routines have become quite mundane in the household. There have been many teens and college students who have been seeking volunteer opportunities abroad and online volunteering programs. But how can we get the inspiring educational experiences of internships abroad in rural and faraway lands from our living rooms?

NGO Remote Internship ASIA volunteering
NGO Remote Internship ASIA volunteering
NGO Remote Internship ASIA volunteering

Holistic Approach to Education

Well, in today’s day and age we can reach far and wide with the amazing little contraption that is sitting on our laps, wherever we happen to find ourselves. But along with amazing potentials for volunteering organizations and virtual volunteer services worldwide, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. 

There’s no doubt that we are absolutely spoiled for choice in this world! In a lot of ways that can lead to less fulfillment and satisfaction, in my experience. Personally, I have lived in rural Cambodia for the past seven years and as an American ex-pat my views and approach to global issues has been completely transformed. You see, I live in a world where gratitude is instinctual, acceptance is key, humility keeps us bonded and sharing is our nature. In many ways, we have been led astray from our basic human instincts with the programming of fear from media in the western world.

The Remote Internship

Luckily for us, there’s so many virtual volunteer opportunities and remote internships. The craziest part about them is that we can have these experiences from our own living rooms! We can actually interact with cultures across the world in little tiny villages and go on the greatest journey of all, the journey within!

But with the various online volunteering opportunities and remote internships abroad, how can we know that the opportunities we find will meet our needs? Not something generic but a ultimate learning experience that is filled with self-exploration and first-hand experience with other cultures? As a person who runs these programs, I will tell you that it’s not necessarily an easy thing to accomplish! Small logistical things like getting Internet out to these rural communities has proven quite difficult… But it’s these places that are off the grid and away from all the ads and social expectation. I have found the most beneficial and thought-provoking stimulation for my own personal development. 

It is in the small and ordinary responses that I get from our Cambodian students that can send me into two days of reflection. The interaction that I get from this culture mixed with gurus of science and spirituality has led me down a path of self-awareness that has molded me into the kind of leader that our world needs. 

NGO Remote Internship ASIA volunteering
NGO Remote Internship ASIA volunteering
NGO Remote Internship ASIA volunteering

Servant Leadership & Remote or Virtual Development

I am the kind of leader that holds collaboration as sacred. I am the kind of leader that doesn’t force my views on others but helps to guide those seeking personal empowerment to find the truth in their hearts. 

When people live in a way that stems from their own inner knowing, their passion, skills and talents outflow from them effortlessly. It is from truly knowing our own true nature that we can find ourselves in alignment. This alignment sends us the perfect opportunities and networks to further our personal missions and foster collaborations for the betterment of our world. 

It is these types of remote internships and virtual volunteering that I find truly life-changing. So, I stay in a place of gratitude and abundance where I get to experience rural cultures filled with humility and gratitude. We then love to empower our volunteers and interns from western cultures who are seeking knowledge and satisfaction in the realm of sustainability for a better future.

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