Our Team

Rachel Riggio

Founder, Chief Operational Director

Founder and Operations Director of The Red Road Foundation. She has been living and working in Cambodia since 2015. Through the Red Road Foundation, she has personally hosted and overseen over 600 volunteers and interns, through building a school and establishing an organic farm. From the agricultural project, she created an organic Moringa skincare line. The project also recycles and upcycles glass into various marketable products. Lastly, the project actively implements a trash collection system/ waste to resource initiative in the village where The Red Road Foundation resides.

Since 2018, she established a retreat program making The Red Road Foundation self-sustainable through hosting wellness adventures, meaningful travel experiences, and sustainable development internships around Cambodia. She specialized in gap year trips, women’s retreats, and mid-life wellness trips. 

Rachel is fluent in Khmer language and remains inspired by Khmer people, every day. Working and living in Cambodia has brought her many lessons in acceptance, gratitude, humility, ingenuity, and patience. This work has shaped her life and she remains grateful and in awe.

Since 2020, she has started a sustainable fashion line called “1ofaKind” up-cycling silks, jeans, and embroidered satin deep in third-world markets.

As a freelance writer she got involved in the personal development niche and wrote two books in wellness “Be Your Own Guide” and “Power in Being Kind”.

Last but not least, she started a digital marketing service specializing in wellness tourism and sustainable travel. She is highly passionate about promoting wellness brands and connecting them with conscious consumers. Her mission is to promote wellness, sustainability, and mindfulness across all of her initiatives.

Garrett Riggio, MBA

Co-Founder, CMO, CSO

Garrett is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and holds an MBA in Digital Marketing with hands-on experience & certifications as a Business Development Expert, D1 Athlete & Sales Professional. Building brands, startups, scale-ups, billion-dollar companies & web presences from end-to-end, managing all online channels & global staff. He currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he leads sales enablment at Maersk. He loves the intricacy and working with experts to build sustainable solutions for a modern world.

Olga Skriabikova

PhD, Technical Planning Director

Before joining the Red Road Foundation, Olga spent time volunteering on projects in Cambodia with the goal of helping to bring awareness, raise funds, and promote skill  development for disadvantaged children through developing initiatives supporting sustainable green growth. She worked as Operations Manager in a Cambodian EdTech IT start-up, organizing the local team of 16 people, and she has successfully set up a student data management tool at a big Cambodian NGO. Before coming to Cambodia, Olga worked as a Strategy Research and Evaluation Advisor at a regional government body in the Netherlands. She taught Bachelor and Master level courses and supervised students. Through her work, she has managed and supervised interns from various backgrounds both in the Netherlands and in Cambodia. 

Paul Bullock, MIET

Tech Class Administrator & Technical Engineer

Paul is one of the founders and co-owner of 3D 360 and brings a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience to the project. Before setting up 3D 360, Paul spent over 30 years within the nuclear sector, with most of this in senior or lead consultant roles on some of the most complex nuclear-decommissioning projects in Europe. 3D 360 are our 3D printing experts, and Paul was a part of the team that built the Earthship / school. Paul is a Trainer of Trainers in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and is passionate about sustainability and the environment

Serhii Tkachov

Head of Engineering and Natural Construction

Professional construction engineer with extensive experience in building housing, resorts and other privately and publicly used buildings and infrastructure, such as bridges. Construction team leader and organizer, projects in Ukraine involve supervision of working sites with crew over 70 people, in particular for the construction of an extra-class cable-stayed bridge over the Dnieper river. In Cambodia, employing local teams over 45 people for construction of housing, restaurant, up-scale resorts. Passionate about native construction, passive air-cooling techniques and the use of natural materials in buildings, such as clay and bamboo.

Hong Da

On-Site Residential Project Manager

I have been working as a rice farmer and raising farm animals before I started working at The Red Road Foundation in 2015. I’ve always had the dream of meeting foreign people and speaking English. Since I started here, I have been able to accomplish that. I love meeting our volunteers from all over the world each week and working with them to make a difference in my community. Another reason why I work at The Red Road is that I understand that we play an important role in Cambodia in order to help the lives of children without opportunity, who are at risk of disease, living in poverty and being unable to afford medical help. 

Ellie Brister

English & Mindfulness Teacher, Community Outreach Coordinator
& Content Creator

Ellie Brister is a passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic individual in our Red Road family. From a seaside town in the UK, where her family has always been a voice in the local community raising her to be an empathetic advocate, friendly and confident. She loves diving and makes an impact with ocean conservation here in Cambodia. She is big into the sustainable living and anti-single-use-plastic movement, these aspects along with many others are what made her feel right at home when joining us back in 2016. Ellie has always worked closely with the local community and has created many beneficial relationships to work in collaboration with us.

Halladay Quist

PR & Media

The daughter of a famous Montana musician, Halladay Quist was born and the next day she was on the road, experiencing a world that would set the stage for her distinctive songwriting, voice and unique musical talents. She has achieved many successes on stage and later she worked as a music teacher. She is inspired to share her voice and passion to assist our youth with the confidence to express themselves. She works as a board member of Share Your Voice Foundation and it brings her great happiness to use her talent to empower others. She believes that creativity and expression are great healers in our world. She shares her gifts wherever she goes. She wrote a song for the Red Road called “Just a Little Love”. She filmed a music video for it and it is the official song for our foundation. She visits Cambodia to host music and drama workshops for our students. 

Alice Jacob


Digital Marketing Associate

Alice is a content rockstar who started as an intern and grown into her own team and a lead role on social media. She doubles as a Student Body President at Marriotts Ridge High School & in ARL Academy of Finance. Creative, organized and kind she is changing the world with her amazing talents. 

John Paterna

Grants Consultant

With over 30 years experience in all aspects of NGO development: Prospect research; grant planning and writing; and managing grants. I’ve worked in conjunction with universities, school districts, charter schools, hospitals and many other nonprofit organizations. As a skilled wordsmith and lover a anyone doing good in the world, I’m happy I joined Red Road and mentoring them on this incredible project. We are building a new way to apply for grants and achieve this ambitious mission. 

Nathan Billingham

Volunteer Coordinator and Product Manager

Nathan Billingham is a spiritual and passionate soul we are blessed to have on our team. From a big extended family of nearly all girls, he left home at 16 to make it on his own and learnt many meaningful lessons along his path. He studied a variety of subjects back in school/college: construction, psychology, math, film/media, he has always been creative and daring. Nathan is passionate about spending time at a Buddhist monastery which leads him to learn more about himself and the journey we are all on together, he shares this with our students, staff and volunteers, reminding us to have Perspective in daily affairs. Our Red Road kids adore Nathan and his willingness to play no matter how hot the sun is.

hayley martin

Hayley Martin


Hayley graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BFA in Photography and Media Arts. Since then she’s worked with companies, nonprofits and ministries to tell truth that will inspire people to action. She’s always had a fervor for the arts and is fascinated by how something can be formed from nothing by someone’s hand. She believes that one of the most underrated art forms to see this in action is videography. A camera is often thought of as “unforgiving”, but there’s beauty in that vulnerability that draws us all together! Though everyone has a story to tell, Hayley has always enjoyed her work with nonprofits the most. After graduating she found herself working at a Christian summer camp for kids where she discovered her passion for helping kids lay down their spirit of fear and take up a spirit of adventure and creativity.