Our Team

Rachel Riggio

Founder, Chief Operational Director

Rachel Riggio is the Founder and Operations Director of The Red Road Foundation. She has been living and working in Cambodia for over 6 years. Through the Red Road Foundation, she has personally hosted and oriented over 500 volunteers and interns, through building a school, establishing a farm, health product line, upcycled glass production and the process of implementation of a trash collection system/ waste to resource initiative in the village where The Red Road Foundation resides. Rachel is fluent in Khmer language and has over six years’ experience in Kampot, Cambodia

Garrett Riggio, MBA

Co-Founder, CMO, CFO

Garrett graduated from The University of Montana where he received a marketing degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. He played football for San Diego State University and the University of Montana. He would retire his football career early to pursue his passion for serving our world and co-found The Red Road Foundation. He currently owns an operates a multitude of business and acts as a marketing and advertising consultant. Garrett commented, “I’ve always felt a sense of responsibility to give love and aid to the people who need compassion in our world.

Hong Da

On-Site Residential Project Manager

I have been working as a rice farmer and raising farm animals before I started working at The Red Road Foundation in 2015. I’ve always had the dream of meeting foreign people and speaking English. Since I started here, I have been able to accomplish that. I love meeting our volunteers from all over the world each week and working with them to make a difference in my community. Another reason why I work at The Red Road is that I understand that we play an important role in Cambodia in order to help the lives of children without opportunity, who are at risk of disease, living in poverty and being unable to afford medical help. 

cambodia ngo

Yorn Sreypov

Educational Director, English Teacher

In my decision to teach at The Red Road Foundation, I have several objectives. First of all, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with the next generation of children. In fact, I understand that sharing knowledge is the most important factor in improving the ability and skills of children. I am able to use my influence to help with motivating their willingness to study hard. This is very important in Cambodia, as after a generation of war, their parents have learned that survival is the main focus of life and have not yet been exposed to the benefits and opportunities that education brings. It is my passion to share knowledge and experiences that they may utilize to bring healing and education into our rural community.

Ellie Brister

Community Outreach Coordinator & Campaign Manager

Ellie Brister is a passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic individual in our Red Road family. From a seaside town in the UK, where her family has always been a voice in the local community raising her to be an empathetic advocate, friendly and confident. She loves diving and makes an impact with ocean conservation here in Cambodia. She is big into the sustainable living and anti-single-use-plastic movement, these aspects along with many others are what made her feel right at home when joining us back in 2016. Ellie has always worked closely with the local community and has created many beneficial relationships to work in collaboration with us.

Nathan Billingham

Volunteer and Advocacy Manager

Nathan Billingham is a spiritual and passionate soul we are blessed to have on our team. From a big extended family of nearly all girls, he left home at 16 to make it on his own and learnt many meaningful lessons along his path. He studied a variety of subjects back in school/college: construction, psychology, math, film/media, he has always been creative and daring. Nathan is passionate about spending time at a Buddhist monastery which leads him to learn more about himself and the journey we are all on together, he shares this with our students, staff and volunteers, reminding us to have Perspective in daily affairs. Our Red Road kids adore Nathan and his willingness to play no matter how hot the sun is.

Mie Lorentzen

Head of HR

Mie graduated from Copenhagen University with a MA in psychology. Since then she’s worked with companies, nonprofits, and ministries to develop our world. 
-To optimize work procedures and work environment. I love to scale up businesses and help my coworkers and clients to grow personally and in business I’m passionate about people, communication, leading and managing several tasks at once to make the team grow, glow and go global! I’m passionate about customers success, customer care, and consumer behavior, and psychology, as well as internal affairs, team structure, and the wellbeing of the company as a whole. That is why I love hiring and finding just the right candidates for the team as well. -I love networking and driving the social media of the company. I’m always smiling, curious about life, and loves to learn new things and learn from others to excel at what I do.
-I am a Team player who believes in creating strong teams by supporting team members through personal and corporate challenges, sharing knowledge, and take one for the team whenever needed. We’re in this together!

Halladay Quist

PR & Media

The daughter of a famous Montana musician, Halladay Quist was born and the next day she was on the road, experiencing a world that would set the stage for her distinctive songwriting, voice and unique musical talents. ‘Within Halladay’s sultry angelic voice lies a lion’s roar of love, compassion, earthiness and story-telling.’-406Woman. A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, stand-up bass, banjo, ukulele, piano), Montana’s rising daughter brings to the stage a sultry vocal blend of country, bluegrass, folk rock and blues in her own original music appealing to a broad range of audiences throughout the northwest and has appeared on stage with highly accomplished and award-winning artists like Jewel, Michael Martin Murphey, Collin Raye, the Doobie Brothers, Dennis Quaid and the Sharks, and Berry Oaks Jr.

hayley martin

Hayley Martin


Hayley graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BFA in Photography and Media Arts. Since then she’s worked with companies, nonprofits and ministries to tell truth that will inspire people to action. She’s always had a fervor for the arts and is fascinated by how something can be formed from nothing by someone’s hand. She believes that one of the most underrated art forms to see this in action is videography. A camera is often thought of as “unforgiving”, but there’s beauty in that vulnerability that draws us all together! Though everyone has a story to tell, Hayley has always enjoyed her work with nonprofits the most. After graduating she found herself working at a Christian summer camp for kids where she discovered her passion for helping kids lay down their spirit of fear and take up a spirit of adventure and creativity.