Eco-Building & Sustainable Development

Umbuntu Construction

Current Achievments:

-Construction of a passive solar design earthship school

-Construction of workspace made from Umbuntu blocks (compressed, recycled plastic bricks)

-Various upcycled glass products including glasses, bricks and lampshades

-Construction of bathrooms and sheds with various plastic bottles brick techniques

-100% Solar Powered

-Solar Library Rental for Students

-Permaculture farm

-Working our way to full self-sustainability through organic product sales and internships

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Eco-Building & Sustainable Development

Upcoming Sustainable Development Projects

Creating a Circular Economy

  • Employing solutions and a regenerative approach for biodiversity loss, waste, pollution and climate change
  • All Projects accelerate the ‘net zero’ carbon ambitions of the Climate Change Act
  • Using renewable energy sources
  • Using waste as a resource in a  “throw away culture”
  • Using innovative ideas to make recycling and re-using easily assessable 

Tech Class

  • 3D Printer Donation for students from 3D 360
  • Digital Skill Set Program is coming soon, it includes Khmer and English Tech Teachers 

Waste as a Resource

  • Development of a printing filament made from recycled PETG plastic & Nylon from used fishing nets
  • Using Recycled materials in construction
  • Creating jobs and income streams for families


  • Construction of an Eco-village, on-site to serve as a model to  promote eco-construction & house interns
  • We are working with engineers from around the world to create a scalable model of building in an ecological manner. We will create beautiful and functional buildings that will house interns and help us to promote this type of environmental consciousness in construction globally. 

The success of these projects will allow us to develop social enterprises that support the environment and provide opportunities to an impoverished community.

We aspire to create a model that can create opportunities worldwide to build in a more sustainable way that works in unison with our natural world.


We will be experimenting with and implementing the use of:

  • Human Powered Energy
  • Stirling Engines
  • Rice Husk Insulation
  • Adding Styrofoam to earth blocks and/or cement
  • Using cobb, bamboo, recycled plastic and clay pots
  • Circular Economy
  • Net Zero Carbon Usage
  • Using 3D Printing Construction to minimize the cost of building
  • Creating Fully Self-Sustainable Systems
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Our Story

Welcome to our new experiential education internships and adventure retreats specializing in sustainable development and environmental leadership! The Red Road Foundation has been becoming sustainable, monetizing waste, providing free education, clean water, solar electricity and implementing a trash collection system in a rural countryside Village. Our sustainable development model is based in free education and creating innovative Social Enterprises that raise the quality of life in the village.  Our environmental leadership in the village has locals and interns collaborating making and collecting plastic bottle bricks for construction and promoting sustainable development in the village. We have incentivized our projects through trading for hygiene products and free workshops on the impact trash has on our lives. We have had hundreds of volunteers/interns from all over the world coming to participate in implementing these grassroots projects. We are able to encourage environmental leadership by customizing our projects to fully exercise the passions and skills of our students and interns

Our Mission

Many times during summer internships abroad, we get groups of people who have new ideas and we collaborate with them to be able to carry out their visions. We work as a team to create a better world based on sustainable development, global awareness, compassionate initiative, experiential learning, community service and learning the true potential of each of us. Through our program, our interns are able to test out ideas and theories that may work in a cross-cultural, grassroots movement They are able to work alongside a team that speaks the local language, has interpersonal relationships within the village and has the means and knowledge to be able to carry out specific projects and initiatives. We emphasize environmental leadership by empowering our interns to use critical thinking to solve problems and through the process of service learning become a more self-confident version of themselves.

Our Testimonials

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