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Kampot, Cambodia: 5 Things You Have To Do

The sleepy town of Kampot in Cambodia is naturally beautiful and effortlessly enchanting. It’s a place untouched by tourism, and its natural beauty puts you on the fast-track to getting back in touch with Mother Earth. Experience exciting rock climbing or beautiful river tours. Kampot in Cambodia has a rich history and has served as the capital city under French rule. Therefore, if you like natural adventures and historical discoveries, Kampot Cambodia is the perfect destination for you. We offer you the world’s most trusted & affordable for sustainability in an organization and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Kampot Cambodia or book a call for more information!

1. ATV / Dirt Bike Adventure In Kampot, Cambodia

Let’s drive through the rice fields with Land Rovers, drive up steep mountains with a motorbike to find the best view of the city or rush through the jungle with ATVs. Definitely an experience filled with adrenaline. All the off-road tours come with a local tour guide that has all the knowledge about the area and guarantees the safety.

2. River of Kampot Cambodia

The River of Kampot Cambodia is the epitome of beauty with it winding turns through lush jungle and mangroves and offers gorgeous sunset views. It is also clean enough to swim. The best way to explore the Kampot River is definitely to strap yourself into a high-speed water jet tour boat. Aside from the adrenaline filled speed session, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in the ecosystem of the river.

3. Bokor National Park

The great Bokor National Park offer more than just thick jungle, singing birds, and babbling brooks. The Park in Kampot Cambodia is also home to massive abandoned French Colonial houses and mysterious churches with a ghost town vibe. Even the drive to the Bokor National Park is an experience itself with breathtaking scenery and views.

4. Arcadia Water Park Guest House

The Acardia Water Park Guest House is a place right on the river where you spend your whole day wearing your bathing suite, drink ice-cold beers and jump right from the deck into fresh water. There also beer pong tournaments and chances to mingle with a collection of backpackers from around the world.

Also, there is a floating pontoon with a 3-meter diving off point, an inflatable blob that launches you into the air, a massive waterslide, rope swing, inner tubes and even more.

5. Eat at the Night Market

Heading towards “The Big Durian” roundabout intersection, you will find stall after stall of street food to hit the spot. Over there, you can try some Khmer delicacies on a stick, comfort food in the form of noodle soup and beef sandwiches or sweet treats.

There are also plenty of stalls with clothes, shoes, hammocks, souvenirs and more. A place you can easily spend a few hours without getting bored.

BONUS! The 1 – 5 Weeks Adventure of a Lifetime

Are you ready to spend your 1 – 5 week adventure of a lifetime in Kampot Cambodia? We provide the world’s most trusted and affordable internship for sustainability! And we have over seven years of experience in providing impactful and affordable remote internship experiences. Book a call!

The highlights:

  • Waterfall trek with an eco-friendly picnic, paddleboard through the mangrove forest, kayak, see islands and snorkel. Field trip with the kids to beach or river, yoga boat trip on the river, swimming at greenhouse, jungle trek, obstacle course on the river, also the option of a spa day or arcade day.
  • Eco-building project, sustainable development with organic farming, and learning to craft handmade products. Plastic bottle brick making, upcycling glass, village outreach, prepare workshop for our students, Khmer cooking classes, attend a wedding!
  • Culture at the royal palace, killing fields, museums, Angkor Watt, Wanteay Srey, Kulen waterfall, nightlife, massages, pool time, and much more!

Get more details here!

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