The Project and Internship



Experience the world from a different view.

Spend four weeks volunteering and adventuring in Cambodia and experiencing life through the eyes of the locals. Gain life skills, learn sustainable development practices, explore yourself and your passions while on a guided adventure in a foreign land. On this trip, you will develop your skills to help you be a self-aware individual, a strong team asset and build your confidence in where you can excel professionally while pursuing a path in your life that brings you fulfillment. 

You will embark on this transformational experience with guides that have lived abroad, speak Khmer and have made lasting, sustainable impacts in these countries. You can expand your life resume with lessons in eco-building, learn about building with recycled materials, be a part of implementing a trash system while providing free education to incredibly grateful children, contemplate inner peace in a Buddhist meditation retreat,  Khmer cooking classes, explore secret nature sanctuaries,Yoga/meditation/fitness regimens, a permaculture workshop, and eco/recycled building workshops. We will explore secret waterfalls, paddleboard the mangrove jungle, experience ancient Angkor Wat, relax on white-sand beaches and make sustainable contributions within an amazing free education center. Join us on a journey from rural Cambodia to the bustling cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh for a pivotal summer abroad!

We understand that there are many things to contemplate about the world and how one may want to have their influence felt within it, it can be confusing! Knowing how to embark on that path right out of high school is near impossible! We are here to offer you an experience that can help shape the rest of your life. We want to help you to be your potential, share ideas and concepts from people who are living their lives in a fulfilling way while making long-term sustainable contributions to the well-being of our world. 

Join a gratifying, life-enriching journey with experienced humanitarians that can share their experience and open your eyes to the many ways to find your passion in life.


 Internship Dates: 

 January 1st-January 31 

June 1st – June 30th  

July 15 -August 15th


Duration: 4 weeks  

Kampot Base Only: $1,500 USD 

Tour: $3,000 USD 

Custom packages available for groups of 5-15 



Three meals per day 



Activity Costs and Workshops 

Flights within Cambodia 

Estimated Initial Flight Cost: (not included in program tuition) 

$600-$1,200 USD


Avg Group Size: 12 students, 3 instructors 


(All Ages Trips also available on Custom Adventures) 

Round-trip flights, and travel insurance not included

    • An eco-building workshop with the engineer from Earthship Cambodia.
    • Having  jungle adventures, paddle boarding the mangrove forests, two nights on a white sand beach with phosphorescent plankton and exploring jungle waterfalls
    • Day tour and workshop with Kampot Sustainable Housing where they will learn about making recycled bricks from glass/plastic and sand, how to make recycled artificial reef and how we use it to help coral grow up to 40% faster in the ocean, as well as, how they use recycled Styrofoam to make bean bag chairs.
    • Learn about sustainable farming, how to make natural health/wellness products from plants, how to make ashtrays and cups from recycled glass bottles. 
    • Leading tutoring groups, art, sports, music, environmental, hygiene classes and swimming lessons with our students.
    • Experience the enchanting Angkor Wat
    • Hosting a field trip in collaboration with our team where they can take our students to learn about something new, they will help with deciding what this will be and how to facilitate it.
    • Daily meditations, yoga, workouts for maintaining excellent mind, body and soul well-being and personal development.

Story and Mission 


  • Welcome to our new experiential education internships and adventure retreats specializing in sustainable development and environmental leadership! The Red Road Foundation has been becoming sustainable, monetizing waste, providing free education, clean water, solar electricity and implementing a trash collection system in a rural countryside Village. Our sustainable development model is based in free education and creating innovative Social Enterprises that raise the quality of life in the village.  Our environmental leadership in the village has locals and interns collaborating making and collecting plastic bottle bricks for construction and promoting sustainable development in the village. We have incentivized our projects through trading for hygiene products and free workshops on the impact trash has on our lives. We have had hundreds of volunteers/interns from all over the world coming to participate in implementing these grassroots projects. We are able to encourage environmental leadership by customizing our projects to fully exercise the passions and skills of our students and interns.

  • Many times during summer internships abroad, we get groups of people who have new ideas and we collaborate with them to be able to carry out their visions. We work as a team to create a better world based on sustainable development, global awareness, compassionate initiative, experiential learning, community service and learning the true potential of each of us. Through our program, our interns are able to test out ideas and theories that may work in a cross-cultural, grassroots movement They are able to work alongside a team that speaks the local language, has interpersonal relationships within the village and has the means and knowledge to be able to carry out specific projects and initiatives. We emphasize environmental leadership by empowering our interns to use critical thinking to solve problems and through the process of service learning become a more self-confident version of themselves.



Our time at the red road has enriched our lives in many ways. Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.


-Ellie & Nathan 23 & 25 – 01-02-2019


In the Khmer language, Aigapheap describes the involvement of many for the betterment of the whole. the time and energy i gave to the red road foundation and the love and knowledge gained in return was synergistically beautiful. with the cooperation of the neighbors in the village, especially the children, we were able to construct with trash, grow food, and most importantly enjoy doing it.


-Daina 24 –3-20-2019


I had the lovely opportunity to volunteer at the Foundation for a couple of weeks in January…these weeks were unforgettable to say the least. The farm is a place that encourages creative thinking and problem solving. I was surrounded by some awesome volunteers during my stay, they made it feel like home. Thank you to the local kids for always bringing a smile to our faces and for helping collect plastic bottles from the village which are being used to create an eco brick house for the moringa oil extraction process. Thank you to Bong Da and his family for welcoming everyone with open arms to the farm. Lastly, this place would not be possible without Rachel. Thank you for spreading awareness on sustainable living and leading by example. Forever grateful for this experience…See you soon!


-Andre 24 – 2-28-2019