Women’s Empowerment Retreat




Special Offer & Retreat Details:

  • Day 1: Arrive, Settle into the Resort, Meet & Greet by the Pool, Intention Setting Ceremony, Massages after Dinner
  • Day 2: Morning yoga and breathwork then visit an ethical elephant sanctuary and walk through the jungle with these humbling creatures. Later, attend an apsara Dance show while eating a traditional Cambodian meal.
  • Day 3: Explore Ancient Temples with a local guide and have a khmer dining experience
  • Day 4: Morning Cacao Ceremony then hike Kulen Mountain Waterfall, Receive water blessings from the monks at the ancient pagoda on top and swim in the freshwater that falls from Ancient ruins
  • Day 5: Fly to Phnom Penh, Stop at the Killing Fields cultural site on the way to Kampot, Answer journaling prompts from your riverside bungalows, and have a healthy dinner by the river
  • Day 6: Riverfront morning yoga followed by an afternoon at the Red Road Foundation School & be a part of personalized workshops, sports, crafts, Khmer cooking, local rural experience, playing, and tutoring. As well as, simultaneous private sessions in IIkigai and human design.
  • Day 7: Volunteering at the Red Road Foundation on the organic farm & learning to craft organic health and beauty products we sell to make us sustainable. Then, wellness activities including yoga and breathwork with Red Road students & our personal trainer.
  • Day 8: Local Immersion experience at the secret Spa with Steam Room, Stream-fed plunge pool, Yoga, Massage, Harvesting and Making Natural Scrubs with locals, women’s blessing ceremony, Mayan abdominal massage, or cranial sacral therapy. Followed by dancing around the fire under the stars
  • Day 9:Morning Active Yoga & breathwork class followed by transport to the island. After settling into our beach bungalows we will have relaxing restorative beach yoga
  • Day 10: Relax on the beach, individualized coaching and counseling sessions, yoga, breathwork, walking jungle meditation, epic viewpoints of the beach, Stargazing circle
  • Day 11: Sunrise yoga, self-love photo shoots, tarot cards, snorkeling, swimming with the glowing plankton, and Closing fire ceremony
  • Day 12: Morning yoga and breathwork followed by transport to the capital to catch flights
  • or extend for the three days of quiet integration and contemplation in Koh Kong

12 Day Woman’s Retreats

December 22-2
March 18-29
May 1-12

12-Day Package Includes:

  • Transportation during the Retreat  (Including flight from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh)  
  • Hotel Accommodation Throughout
  • All Activities Included in Retreat Details
  • Personalized and Group Coaching
  • Workshops, Massage, Counseling, and Tarot
  • Three healthy meals and teas per day   
  • Turquoise Waters & White Sand Beaches
  • Ceremonies & Personalized Healing & Manifestation Plan

Upgrade to 15 Days

Adding 3 Days of Rest and Reflection 

Journaling, meditating, jungle hikes, swimming and fully integrating your experience at an Eco-Lodge on a pristine river in the Cardamom Mountains

15-Day Package:

(Fly into Siem Reap, Fly out of Phnom Penh-or continue traveling)

Custom Trips Available for 5+ Women


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