Who Are We?

The Red Road Foundation is an accredited 501(c)(3). We are passionate and dedicated to bringing necessary resources to children in desperate need around the world. Currently, we create opportunities by establishing self-sustainable, economical, and educational community projects based in rural Cambodia.

What is "The Red Road?"

A spiritual teaching that represents a virtuous path of living. Inspired by Native American spiritual beliefs, the red road represents "walking in balance." It is a way of doing with reverence - of walking strong yet softly toward truth, peace, and harmony.

How We Work

We seek to raise public awareness, funding and support for children in need. We take no administrative salaries, so 100% of all funds go straight to the children. We hope you will join us!

Why We Work?

Passion! We believe in each of us doing our part to aid humanity and heal our environment. We believe that as we help empower others, we empower ourselves. We have created an avenue for others to" be the change" they want to see.

Phoenix Project: Cambodia

This project is a sustainable community development project in rural Cambodia to boost the economy, education system, and awareness to prevent issues like sex trafficking.

Accepting Volunteers

The Red Road Foundation is now seeking volunteers! We are recruiting teachers to assist in our language classes and to independently instruct free community workshops in: leadership coaching, science, art, music, environmental science, health, hygiene, nutrition, sports, and more.

Phoenix Project

The mission of our first endeavor, Phoenix Project, is to facilitate education to Cambodian youth by providing necessary resources, health care, and skills. In doing so, we are fostering future humanitarian leaders of our world. We currently have 75 children that we provide for, and YOU can be their inspiration!

Be The Change

We have traveled across the world to aid a new generation in building a healthy and sustainable future. We built a Health & Education Center that will lead to increased access to quality education, improved health, and provide a better quality of life.
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We believe in sharing our passion for helping the world. We encourage our volunteers to utilize their unique skills and creativity to teach, to assist, to play and to get involved. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

About The Red Road Foundation

We are a brother and sister team who co-founded the Red Road Foundation in 2014. We have always wanted to be the difference we wished to see in the world. Like many people, our lives have been filled with hardships and we have used these struggles as motivation to build something that will educate and empower others.

After witnessing the current state of affairs in our world, i.e. starvation, poverty, human trafficking, slavery, etc…we decided to do something to help. No longer could we live our lives knowing that we weren’t helping in some way. We went to Cambodia to see if it was a place where we could begin our mission. Not only is Cambodia beautiful, it is also ideal for our organization because it put us in direct contact with people who are eager to learn and to grow after suffering from mass genocide by the Khmer Rouge just 35 years ago. We fell in love with Cambodia. So we built a center there based on our core beliefs of Education, Environmental Awareness, Sustainability and Personal Empowerment.

After working in the mental health field in North America, we came to the conclusion that the current systems put in place were failing the youth, and the children enrolled in the programs were not utilizing the resources that were being offered. This was the catalyst for our quest to bring an understanding of gratitude and humility to our educational approach. We want to work with people that are truly motivated, excited for an opportunity, and inspired to have a better life.

By creating a free education center in rural Cambodia, our focus is on educating the impoverished youth, raising social, economic & environmental awareness, as well as empowering our students to create a better world.

Latest Endeavors


Current Projects and Activities

Latest Projects and Activities Finished Recycled Building Project!! July 16, 2016                  Today at School! Recycled Plastic Trash Building Project We are building...

First Piece of land that we saw and loved. $11, 200 to buy it and have it cleared. It had access to a well, no electricity, five kilometers to the main road and was unable to be flooded during the wet season.

Documenting Our Story – Part 1

The Red Road has arrived back in Cambodia!! After spending a few days making contacts and meeting with The Daughters of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, we’ve made our way to...


Documenting Our Story – Part 2

Buying Land, Clearing Land, Planting Farm, Searching for Water, Digging a Reservoir, Getting to Know Our Village, Collecting Recycled Materials to Build Our School, Building Accommodation for Volunteers Coming to...


Documenting Our Story – Part 3

We collaborated with the EARTHSHIP CAMBODIA Team in building our Earthship school. Gathered with over 50 people from all over the world to live in a small village and build a “Free...


Documenting Our Story – Part 4

Classes have started and the kids are loving it! We are operating as a free education center that acts as supplementary education for the government school system. Last year only...

Meet The Co-Founders

We are a group of passionate people making a BIG difference, and so can YOU!