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Accepting Volunteers

We are recruiting teachers to assist in our language classes & free community workshops in: leadership coaching, science, art, music, environmental science, health, hygiene, nutrition, sports, and more.

Phoenix Project

The mission of our first endeavor is to facilitate education to Cambodian youth by providing necessary resources, health care, and skills. Fostering future humanitarian leaders of our world.

Internship Abroad

We offer a four week Leadership Internship program and Summer Adventure of a lifetime in Cambodia. Gain insight and understanding of locals as we work towards developing understaing of global issues and together implementing sustainable solutions.


We encourage our volunteers to utilize their unique skills and creativity to teach. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead

Tax Free Id#: 46-2638971

Who Are We?

We are a free education center working our way to self-sustainability. We are building a village led social enterprises while addressing critical global issues, such as waste and education. We bring people from all over the world together in cross-cultural collaborations that raise the quality of living for all involved. We promote student leadership & foster immersive travel for our interns, so they have the opportunity to grow into sustainability-focused, philanthropic innovators.

We have on-site facilities for producing up-cycled glass creations, health and wellness products, and eco-construction, all of which will be fully facilitated by our students one day.

We are implementing a new model to turn waste into resources through affordable housing, in hopes that it can spread to other villages and throughout the world!

We are seeking inspired minds to make long-term, sustainable impacts. We offer an internship that utilizes the talents, skills, and passions of all involved to build a more conscious world.




 Rachel Riggio

Rachel Riggio

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

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 Garrett Riggio

Garrett Riggio

Co-Founder, CMO, CFO

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Yorn Sreypov

Yorn Sreypov

Educational Director & English Teacher

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Bong Da

Bong Da

Project Manager

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