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Around this time of year, many college freshman and various other University students in the USA are looking for the most affordable and trustworthy volunteer projects and internships abroad for the upcoming summer.  It’s a great time of year to start pondering how we will implement all the knowledge we’ve obtained throughout the year in University. As we are spending time with our families, discussing our future and how we will be able to make great sustainable impacts in our world it is an ideal time to start planning. We learn so much in university/college and it’s an incredible opportunity to be able to put all of the theories and lessons to use with some hands-on experiential learning through grass roots movements that are consciously changing the world. Internships abroad in third world countries are something that can give us the ability to gain new perspectives on life and figure out how we can use our mind, body and spirit as tools to shape the next generation. 

It’s only in the past decade that we’ve started the sustainable development movement in America. Our culture has been investing more time in developing sustainable solutions as our natural resources are diminishing. We must find ways to make sustainable development lucrative for ourselves while having social impacts that can change the lives of those we work with. This is why business impact and social enterprises are instrumental in making lasting, sustainable development. There is so much good work to be done and gathering together with like-minded people for a 6 to 8-week program focusing on leadership and sustainability could be the confidence-booster one needs to implement new ideas in our world. As Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 

The Red Road Foundation offers internships for college/University freshman and it is one of the most affordable and trustworthy internship programs in the world! The Red Road Foundation offers four-week programs (as well as 6-8 week extended custom programs for a discounted prices) during the summer months that focus particularly on sustainable development and leadership. During the month long course you will gain true insights into the challenges and solutions of cross-cultural collaborations. You will work with groups of like-minded individuals to bring sustainable solutions to the way a small village lives by contributing to new models that incorporate free education, waste management, recycling, health and clean water. These experiences will be hands-on and you will experience life through the grateful eyes of locals, this is something that can affect your perspective on life in the long-term. These experiences are intertwined with amazing adventure travel opportunities where you get to experience the road less traveled and secret nature spots. These internships can change your view on life, give you the confidence you need to pursue ideas and give you the ability employ all the amazing  things you’ve been learning in school. The Red Road Foundation is a sustainable development program in rural Cambodia that is making big differences when it comes to education, waste management, sustainability, recycling and environmental impact.

The Red Road Foundation is the best internship I’ve ever been a part of! Working with this organization gave me the ability to have my voice heard and my ideas tested out. This opportunity is made most special by working with a team of locals and long-term ex-pats who have made sustainable contributions in this field, speak the local language and will be working hands-on with you to make long-term sustainable impacts in the rural countryside. They are testing out grassroots models that have the potential to spread worldwide! As we are having major problems with waste management and sustainability in our world at this time, it’s of great importance that we dedicate time and energy into the sustainable development practices. We need sustainable development leaders And this is a great opportunity to fine tune your skills as a leader and environmental advocate. 

Though the Red Road Foundation’s Internship is a four week long experience that also incorporates adventure travel, you can specially customize your trip to be 6 to 8 weeks long, as you add on an extra 2 to 4 weeks of fieldwork. The extra few weeks are less than half the price of the original 4 week program, as it will not incorporate travel and you will spend the remainder of your time at the project, incorporating all you’ve learned. You will be able to receive internship credits and the perspective shift that you will gain from this experience will surely change the course of your life!

There are many internships for college freshman available, many 6 to 8 week programs on sustainability but if you’re looking for the most affordable and trustworthy internship abroad I would recommend the Red Road Foundation. My time spent at the Red Road has made me a better person, it is almost some type of utopia that makes my heart feel full and at the end of the day when I look in the mirror, I feel proud of myself and I can see how my energies, my body and my intentions have sculpted the world around me. I am so grateful that I have been able to work with this amazing organization! Sustainability is so important in NGOs, relying on donations is unsustainable for the long term and the social enterprises that they are developing are sure to make this program one that lasts the test of time. I am so grateful to be a part of this and I wish the same for you!

Good luck on your quest to find the best, most affordable and trustworthy internship focusing on sustainability and leadership! It’s wonderful that you have chosen to be a force of positive change in our world and we need more people like you! Cheers to the life we create and to having a happy, healthy heart!

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