Sustainable Free Education Center Update

In the past month we have hired three new teachers. They are highly qualified and passionate and really taking on a whole new curriculum at school. We got new books that the kids are very excited about! Since the end of rice planting season, we’ve gotten a new batch of about 40 students. There are so many kids coming to school everyday that we had to get a larger trailer to pick them up for class. Most of our students are girls because the parents cannot afford to send all of the kids to Public school, so usually the girls get left behind to help around the house and on the farm. Our new English teacher is a very intelligent woman who has completed University for teaching English and is also a midwife! They really look up to her and she is the first female teacher that we have had! We also have hired I lovely English woman to help us on the weekends for English class because our students double and because they are so eager to learn, we have broken them up into several groups that the two English teachers and our weekly volunteers help facilitate. We are currently extending our product line to making light covers, with the opposite side of the bottles, after we cut them and use The bottom half to make glasses. Rachel is currently in Bangkok finding lace, tassels and adhesive for the ambient light bulb covers.

Currently in the US we have our Moringa powder for sale. If you’re not familiar with this incredible superfood, it is quite the miracle plant, in fact they call it the miracle tree which is native to India. It can be ingested or apply topically with coconut oil. It is an incredible remedy for digestion problems, skin health, all your daily vitamins that amino acids, Great for skin and nails, energy boosting and immune boosting! If you have not tried any of our organic Moringa powder, please look into trying it out! We see incredible results with this product And all proceeds go to running the school. They come in very cute glass containers and I excellent Holiday presents. (Please contact us if interested in products more info: CLICK HERE)

We are collaborating with an organization called plastic free Cambodia to make posters in the Khmer language that we will be putting up in the village, they are also hosting a workshop at our school for the kids and their parents about the dangers of burning plastic trash and letting a disintegrate into the fields where we grow crops. If I had several very passionate and loving volunteers come out and share their construction skills, teaching skills, sports classes and music circles.

We have a care-taking family that has been working with us for two years and does an excellent job with helping our volunteers, maintaining the farm, picking the kids up from the school, pumping the water and helping with general overall overseeing of the project. This year they got a bonus, there is a portion of our land that we have signed over to them, and we are supporting them to start beekeeping there. This will give them an opportunity to grow and make some additional income additional to what the Red Road can provide. They are excited to learn the new skill set and feeling very proud that they will have it to pass down to their children. They do not own any land at this time, they simply live on site at our school and take care of everything. This new opportunity and bonus that they have received for their hard work the past two years has meant more to them than we can describe in words.

Thank you for your continued support.

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